Thursday, January 30, 2014

Keep it Together Man: The Spool Tool

Keep it Together Man: The Spool Tool
This week I bring you one of the newest and most exciting products on the Paracord Market, the ‘Spool Tool’
In some of my previous blogs I explained that when I work with Paracord, it is something akin to bull in a china shop.   Now although I may be bigger and less nimble than most, I know that certain Paracord difficulties are universal, one of which is tangling. Tangling can happen really anytime you are working with Paracord from initially cutting the right amount to most notably transporting and storing it. The Spool Tool is changing all of this once and for all.

As the Spool Tool website explains: “… I noticed the difficulties everyone was having with the Paracord unraveling, getting tangled up, knotting, and generally becoming a big pain to handle.” Anyone who has worked with Paracord knows this to be true. The Spool Tool takes it a step past simply holding Paracord (up to 100 ft of 550 Paracord!), by also providing a blade, fusion notches and a lighter holder. This essentially makes the Spool Tool a ‘One Stop Shop’ that can be easily clipped to any sort of backpack or sack.

The Spool Tool blade is removable, making it highly versatile in case you ever need to sharpen it or replace it for any reason. Regardless of if you are in your garage or out in a windblown field, the eight fusion notches are designed to make holding Paracord in place a breeze. The lighter holder keeps a Bic® mini lighter in place for ending or fusing the Paracord at a moment’s notice. The Spool Tool embodies the idea of being prepared and is at its best when you are working in the field. Personally, I find it comforting to know that Paracord and all the necessary tools for it are all easily accessible in any situation.

If you are interested in getting a Spool Tool for your Paracord tool set, pick them up at Paracord Planet, on sale now!

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