Thursday, January 9, 2014

Knottology Illuminator: Lighting up Your World

Knottology Illuminator: Lighting up Your World
How a little buckle can make a big difference in your Paracord world.

As I was struggling to see the keyhole of my home and had to first pull off my gloves in -20 degree weather and then fish around for my phone as my fingers slowly lost feeling, I thought to myself: There has to be a better way. Upon returning to work the next day I was looking through some of the products and realized the answer was right in front of me, the Knottology IlluminatorBuckle. This little buckle incorporates a light into a standard metal buckle for one terrific tool.
Completely unobtrusive, the Illuminator is only slightly larger than a standard buckle and possesses a surprisingly bright 15 lumen LED light. The light can be easily accessed from a button conveniently located on top of the buckle that can be pressed by even the most heavily gloved hand (trust me!). Housed in a sturdy, water resistant metal body this little light can handle any adventure you can, yet it is still practical for everyday use (such as saving a few fingers). As a hunter I am also thrilled about having a small convenient light when I need it, especially as I fumble around my pack for my flashlight.
I personally plan on incorporating this into my next Paracord bracelet as well as my key lanyard. I appreciate the fact that the Illuminator is available in three different colors (Silver, Gun Grey and Black) from Paracord Planet, making it easy to incorporate into almost any color scheme or camo pattern.
At $10.99, the mighty little Knottology Illuminator Buckle is a product I have become fascinated with and believe should be incorporated onto pretty much every Paracord anything.

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