Monday, March 30, 2015

Paracord Planet's Weekly Episode

Paracord Planet’s Weekly Episode

Why we decided to enter the world of YouTube tutorials

If you’re like me, an avid paracord crafter who is constantly looking for more inspiration, the search for innovative tutorials never ends. My search for paracord inspirations has introduced me to a handful of wonderful YouTube channels, including TyingItAllTogether and The Weavers of Eternity, as well as some great pictorials from the likes of Dman McQ and Paracord Guild. Our desire to provide you all with easy access to creative designs has formulated in our launching of a weekly episode in which we will be teaching you new weaves every Friday. The Paracord Planet YouTube channel is officially back up-and-running after a few years of inconsistent posting. These weekly episodes will feature some of our employees crafting their favorite paracord designs, as well as how-to steps to help you follow along.

Although pictorials are helpful for some, our research suggested that the video route is the best way for most new crafters to learn designs. Since teleportation hasn't yet been figured out (c’mon physicists), we can’t be in your living rooms with you teaching you new designs. The video route allows you access to all of our creations, and is the most conducive to learning. We are three weeks in to our weekly episode, and you can see our first three creations below:

Creation #1: The Extreme Weave (a.k.a. The Trilobite or The Ladder Rack)

Creation #2: The Sawtooth (a.k.a. The Shark Jawbone)

Creation #3: The Dragon's Tongue

We will be releasing a brand new tutorial this Friday, and each Friday after that until we run out (but as you all know, you can never really run out of paracord projects). If you have any suggestions for improvements, or any suggestions for weaves that you want to see done, please leave us a comment on the bottom of this post. Also, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and check out our Instagram for more ideas and inspirations. Happy Cording, everyone!

Written by: Jackson Yakowicz
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Monday, March 9, 2015

Paracord Planet March Madness

Paracord Planet March Madness
Explaining the rules of the first ever paracord tournament

March Madness has perennially been one of my favorite parts of the year. I grew up playing basketball on my driveway, dreaming of being recruited by Tom Izzo and the Michigan State Spartans. Naturally, you hit a certain age where you realize that you’re only an average ball player, and you develop new passions—such as crafting with paracord and working for Paracord Planet. Regardless of my unfulfilled dream of playing in a March Madness game, I still live for the season! Filling out brackets is one of my favorite pastimes, which brought me to creating the “Paracord Planet March Madness” bracket this year.

The Idea

We were sitting in a Paracord Planet weekly marketing meeting when the idea first got brought up. We decided to make a bracket of our 16 most popular paracord colors, and set up a competition in which each week, the winning color would go on discount. By the end of the tournament, we would crown our FIRST EVER PARACORD CHAMPION. Which color do you think it will be? View the bracket below to make your predictions.

The Rules

The first round, there will be 16 teams and 8 match-ups. Each color will be sold at full price in the 10’ length. The winner in each match-up will be the color that sells more hanks. There will be 8 winners that emerge from this week and go on to round two. The second round, there will be 8 teams and 4 match-ups. Each color will be sold at 10% off in the 25’ length for this round. There will be 4 winners that emerge from this week and go on to round three. The third round, there will be 4 teams and 2 match-ups. Each color will be sold at 15% off in the 50’ length for this round. There will be 2 winners that emerge from this week and go on to the championship round. The championship round, there will be 2 teams and 1 match-up. Each color will be sold at 20% off in the 100’ length for this round. The winner that emerges from this round will be crowned our FIRST EVER PARACORD CHAMPION and will go on sale for 25% off any length for an entire week.

Also, if you fill out a bracket and do not make a single mistake (pick all of the correct winners), you will be able to win a FREE $50 gift card to This is our way of incentivizing your participation in this tournament. We want to make this a fun experience for all involved, and we are excited to see the results of all of the games. To stay updated with the results, make sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, check out our Google+ and Pinterest pages, and keep up to date with our Instagram. We will be keeping live updates on all of these locations. May the best color win!

The Bracket

Written by: Jackson Yakowicz

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Monday, March 2, 2015

Paracord Zoo

Paracord Zoo
The 5 Greatest Paracord Animal Tutorials

As a child, some of my fondest memories came from my trips to the zoo. The Minnesota Zoo was only about five miles south of my childhood home, resulting in me spending countless summer afternoons whistling to canaries and strolling past monkey cages. I also recall the sheer excitement I felt when a mountain lion had escaped from the zoo and was reportedly on the loose. I had imagined that the escaped feline and I would become best buds. You see, as a kid you never fully grasp the fact that these animals can swallow you whole. The innate fascination with animals thrives in the minds of many children, and that love for other species is only expanded by paracord crafters. Some of the greatest knotters have blessed us with numerous tutorials for crafting paracord animals. Below are the 5 best paracord animals that can make up your very own "paracord zoo!"

1. The Paracord Sea Turtle (via TyingItAllTogether)

2. The Paracord Elephant (via Everaert Kris)

3. The Paracord Rabbit (via Everaert Kris)

4. The Paracord Frog (via Everaert Kris)

5. The Paracord Dragonfly (via TyingItAllTogether)

Which of these designs are your favorites? Do you have any other suggestions for our “Paracord Zoo” ?! Please feel free to share any of your ideas with us on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, or Instagram accounts. We love interacting with our fans, and providing content to further the knowledge and skills of the paracord community. We hope you enjoyed this post!

Written by: Jackson Yakowicz

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