Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Beating the Boot Blues

Beating the Boot Blues
A simple answer to an age old problem.

            I put my boots away last night and thought to myself for likely the tenth time: I wonder how long these laces will last. If you are like me, the laces on your boots are about as reliable as cell phone coverage in Western North Dakota; no matter the quality of the boot, your laces never last. After a few weeks of trudging through water or snow followed by subsequent drying in my home, my laces look like something that should be found in a sarcophagus. When I tie them I inevitably am left with a chalky residue and as the rabbit rounds the tree and is heading for home, they are sure to snap.
dasboot.JPG            Well I have had enough, and am doing something I should have ages ago: replacing my regular laces with Paracord. For all of you out there who have not done so already, it is time to replace your footwear laces with Paracord laces. Whether they are snow boots, hunting boots, or the latest Jordan’s, your footwear could use a lace upgrade. And for all you weekend warriors out there, Paracord makes a great replacement laces for hockey laces which are constantly getting cut in the locker room or any football cleat out there. Paracord is incredibly strong and will never rot or mildew, regardless of if you are trudging through the North Dakota snow or going for an evening run in a normal-climate state, Paracord has your back.
            The reliability of Paracord laces are only matched by its style and practicality.  Standard Paracord 550 is available from Paracord Planet in over 300 incredible colors. Ranging from ‘Acid Brown’ and ‘Arctic Camo’ for those boots to ‘Starburst’ for your latest Nike Frees, Paracord Planet has your Paracord lace needs covered (be sure to check out the color chart for the full selection). Additionally, there is always the added benefit of every Paracord product: survival. Paracord is a great item to have on you, especially in the outdoors because you never know when an emergency situation might occur and you might need some strong cord to fasten a shelter or splint.

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