Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dream Weaver: Sam's Six Favorite Paracord Weaves

Shark Jaw Bone Weave.jpgDream Weaver: Sam’s Six Favorite Paracord Weaves
I have blogged about great Paracord products, gear and ideas in the past; this week I take a little time to point out a few of my favorite weave patterns.

 Image Source: Tangled Knot Designs

        Shark Jaw Bone
Selfishly, this one occupies the top spot based on pure aesthetics. I think this bracelet has a very sleek, aggressive look to it, something that can be hard to capture in Paracord Products at times. You can easily learn to make it here from the experts at TIAT. As always, I recommend taking advantage of Paracord Planet's amazing color selection to be sure you find the perfect colors.

Quick Deploy
In contrast to my first indulging ranking, this one is based purely on functionality, which after all, lies at the core of every Paracord project. This weave pattern enables you to quickly deploy your Paracord in a matter of mere moments—the perfect bracelet to carry on all of your adventures. The video by YouTube user paradudeaz offers a great tutorial on how make one of your own. Paracord and shackles can be found at Paracord Planet. 

Extreme Weave (Trilobite Bar)

This is another weave that wins mainly on appearance.The almost-striped pattern is extremely unique and as a sports fanatic, a fresh red and white weave really reminds me of baseball. 

 Image Source: Paracord Planet

 It is also a very flat weave making it very comfortable to wear (even as I type this incredible blog) so you never need to take it off. DIY kits for this weave and others are available from Paracord Planet. If further instruction is needed TIAT offers a video that helps explain in great detail.

Triple Cobra
As an avid hunter I am licking my chops for hunting season (figuratively for hunting, literally for lunch break) because this year I am going to be making several Paracord slings for my rifle and shotgun. There is a plethora of ways to make them out there, but this video by YouTube user gearsNtools shows the best weave, the triple cobra. As a hunter who has had his fair share of poor quality slings over the years a strong, broad sling that doesn’t dig into your shoulder is ideal. Not to mention it will not rot or mildew and in a pinch I have quite a bit of Paracord on hand! A great selection of high-quality camo Paracord can be found here

 Image Source: TACummings

Switchback Path Bar
The Switchback Path Bar weave makes the list not only because it reminds me of mountainous switchback roads as I stare over the plains of North Dakota, but also for its incredible design. 

 Image Source: TIAT

The switchback is extremely appealing to the eye, offering an intricate, recognizable, multicolor design. It also is unique in the elasticity of the bracelet offered by the special weave. Be sure to check out TIAT’s video on how to tie it.

Turk's Head Knot.jpgSailor/Turk’s Head Knot
 Image Source: WhatKnotShop
The Turk’s Head Weave is an awesome weave that offers one of the most ornamental Paracord designs possible. As the young woman in the video explains, for all of you ladies out there looking for a great summer bracelet, this weave will replace that short-lived hemp bracelet. Paracord abounds with longevity because it will never rot or mildew no matter how much time you spend in the sun or water this summer. As a guy, I also think the Turks head looks terrific when made with masculine colors. In addition to its use as a bracelet, it can also be used as a can coozie or coffee holder.

As always, be sure to check Paracord Planet's Facebook page for the latest deals, share and comment and let me know what your favorite weave is!