Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mighty, Mighty Micro Cord

Mighty, Mighty Micro Cord
Last week I showed you how a little light can make a big difference, this week it’s cord.

            For every Batman there is a Robin, for every Jordan there is a Pippen and yes for every 550 Paracord there is a Micro Paracord. However, don’t let the small stature of this cord fool you. Micro Paracord is one of those underappreciated cords that many think is too weak to have a real niche in the Paracord world and in accordance, ignore it. Today you will realize how useful Micro cord is and just like Indiana Jones without his whip, your Paracord adventures are not complete without it.
            Ever have a customer say “I like your bracelets but they are just too bulky” or “Gee, I would love to buy this for my son, but those are way too big!”? Well that is where Micro cord picks up the slack (pun intended, as usual). At approximately 70% smaller in diameter than traditional 550 cord, Micro cord is the perfect blend of strength (100 lb test) and size. Micro cord can be used to make smaller less obtrusive bracelets which can be especially appealing to women and children looking for lighter survival gear.
            Beyond bracelets, Micro Paracord is the perfect Paracord to use for necklaces. No one wants a stiff, noose-like leash around their neck; Micro cord provides the perfect balance between function and comfort. It is also small enough to make small symbols for your necklace such as a cross or breast cancer ribbon. Additionally, micro Paracord holds a distinct advantage over its 550 counterpart in that it can be used to fish with in a pinch—no need to tear apart the sheath!Micro cord compared to 550.jpg
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