Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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With the America’s biggest game at the forefront of our focus, I thought I would talk a little Football… and Paracord of course!

            Like many Americans, I have an obsession with football; however I believe I take my devotion to the sport a bit further. Not only did I play football in college, but I am also a lifelong Vikings fan; trust me when I say nothing reveals the character of a man quite like devotion to the Vikings. I love football and view it as an art form, much in the same way I do Paracord. As you all know, I am extremely passionate about Paracord and this week we will combine ingredients for one awesome blog!

            In many ways, making Paracord projects is analogous to the game of football. It takes preparation (getting the right cord—colors, amount and other necessary supplies), focus (ever tied a Paracord knot?) and nothing is sweeter than victory (that perfectly finished bracelet). Not to mention the studying involved; be it game tape for football players or How-To video for the avid Paracorders out there. Just as a receiver makes a stunning one-handed toe-tapping fingertip catch, so must a Paracorder gracefully dance from thread to thread, being sure to juke, spin and hurdle when necessary. I find the two entities similar and that is a large reason why I love them both, but how do they intersect?

As this Paracord Planet team member Paulette’s photo demonstrates, football and Paracord go together like Brady and Belichick. Paracord is a tremendous material to make bracelets with not only because of its survival capabilities, but also for how stylish you can make it. Paulette is sporting a Turk’s head knot bracelet she made using ‘International Orange’ Paracord from Paracord Planet. Her friend in the photo has a fairly simple Cobra Weave pattern bracelet using ‘International Orange’ and “Midnight Blue.” This is a great example of just one of the ways you can use Paracord to demonstrate your team spirit; there are many videos out there on how to do everything from a bracelet to a lanyard and you can always get your favorite Team’s colors from Paracord Planet.

In fact, Paracord Planet is having a sale on Broncos and Seahawks Combo Kits right now, be sure to check them out. If you are interested in making a Turk’s head please click here, if you do not have time to make your own before the big game, check out our fishtail bracelets or all our bracelets and simply pick your team’s colors. Lanyards can be found hereBroncos vs Seahawks.jpg
No matter which team wins on Sunday, be sure to enjoy the game with your friends and family and keep your eyes and ears open for Paracord Inspiration.

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