Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Jig is Up

The Jig is Up
Why using a Paracord Jig might be just the thing for your next Paracord Project.

Every week I try to highlight a product that is either new, innovative or something I think is being overlooked, this week it is Paracord Jigs. Whether I get asked directly or see it on the internet, people are wondering if they should be using a Paracord jig or if it is just for the experts/professionals out there. That decision is of course up to you, but I will highlight some of the utilitarian benefits of Paracord jigs and explain why they are appropriate for everyone to use.
For those of you who don’t already know, a Paracord jig looks like this:
The jig is designed to help assist in making different Paracord projects by holding cord in place so you are free to use both hands. The jig also has a ruler which enables you to get the exact right amount of cord for your project. I am a bigger guy with bigger hands and when I work with Paracord it can look like something out of Of Mice and Men; the Paracord Jig provide a nice stable base from which to work. Having made Paracord products both ways, I have found using a jig makes a world of difference for me.

Although they may be a slightly price-prohibitive compared with other Paracord projects, Jigs are also extremely versatile and if you plan on Paracording into the future I strongly suggest picking one up. Whether it is a bracelet, gun sling, or monkey’s fist, Paracord jigs can make your life a lot easier and more organized. If you plan on doing any sort of professional Paracord projects, even if it is just selling bracelets at school, I strongly encourage you to grab a jig to really make your measurements as precise as possible. Paracord Planet has a great selection and happens to be having a sail currently going on, so hop over and find the right jig for you!

As always, be sure to check Paracord Planet's Facebook page for the latest deals, share and comment and let me know what kind of amazing projects you have made with a jig!