Thursday, January 30, 2014

Keep it Together Man: The Spool Tool

Keep it Together Man: The Spool Tool
This week I bring you one of the newest and most exciting products on the Paracord Market, the ‘Spool Tool’
In some of my previous blogs I explained that when I work with Paracord, it is something akin to bull in a china shop.   Now although I may be bigger and less nimble than most, I know that certain Paracord difficulties are universal, one of which is tangling. Tangling can happen really anytime you are working with Paracord from initially cutting the right amount to most notably transporting and storing it. The Spool Tool is changing all of this once and for all.

As the Spool Tool website explains: “… I noticed the difficulties everyone was having with the Paracord unraveling, getting tangled up, knotting, and generally becoming a big pain to handle.” Anyone who has worked with Paracord knows this to be true. The Spool Tool takes it a step past simply holding Paracord (up to 100 ft of 550 Paracord!), by also providing a blade, fusion notches and a lighter holder. This essentially makes the Spool Tool a ‘One Stop Shop’ that can be easily clipped to any sort of backpack or sack.

The Spool Tool blade is removable, making it highly versatile in case you ever need to sharpen it or replace it for any reason. Regardless of if you are in your garage or out in a windblown field, the eight fusion notches are designed to make holding Paracord in place a breeze. The lighter holder keeps a Bic® mini lighter in place for ending or fusing the Paracord at a moment’s notice. The Spool Tool embodies the idea of being prepared and is at its best when you are working in the field. Personally, I find it comforting to know that Paracord and all the necessary tools for it are all easily accessible in any situation.

If you are interested in getting a Spool Tool for your Paracord tool set, pick them up at Paracord Planet, on sale now!

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Super Paracord Blog

Super Bowl.jpg
Super Para Blog

With the America’s biggest game at the forefront of our focus, I thought I would talk a little Football… and Paracord of course!

            Like many Americans, I have an obsession with football; however I believe I take my devotion to the sport a bit further. Not only did I play football in college, but I am also a lifelong Vikings fan; trust me when I say nothing reveals the character of a man quite like devotion to the Vikings. I love football and view it as an art form, much in the same way I do Paracord. As you all know, I am extremely passionate about Paracord and this week we will combine ingredients for one awesome blog!

            In many ways, making Paracord projects is analogous to the game of football. It takes preparation (getting the right cord—colors, amount and other necessary supplies), focus (ever tied a Paracord knot?) and nothing is sweeter than victory (that perfectly finished bracelet). Not to mention the studying involved; be it game tape for football players or How-To video for the avid Paracorders out there. Just as a receiver makes a stunning one-handed toe-tapping fingertip catch, so must a Paracorder gracefully dance from thread to thread, being sure to juke, spin and hurdle when necessary. I find the two entities similar and that is a large reason why I love them both, but how do they intersect?

As this Paracord Planet team member Paulette’s photo demonstrates, football and Paracord go together like Brady and Belichick. Paracord is a tremendous material to make bracelets with not only because of its survival capabilities, but also for how stylish you can make it. Paulette is sporting a Turk’s head knot bracelet she made using ‘International Orange’ Paracord from Paracord Planet. Her friend in the photo has a fairly simple Cobra Weave pattern bracelet using ‘International Orange’ and “Midnight Blue.” This is a great example of just one of the ways you can use Paracord to demonstrate your team spirit; there are many videos out there on how to do everything from a bracelet to a lanyard and you can always get your favorite Team’s colors from Paracord Planet.

In fact, Paracord Planet is having a sale on Broncos and Seahawks Combo Kits right now, be sure to check them out. If you are interested in making a Turk’s head please click here, if you do not have time to make your own before the big game, check out our fishtail bracelets or all our bracelets and simply pick your team’s colors. Lanyards can be found hereBroncos vs Seahawks.jpg
No matter which team wins on Sunday, be sure to enjoy the game with your friends and family and keep your eyes and ears open for Paracord Inspiration.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Jig is Up

The Jig is Up
Why using a Paracord Jig might be just the thing for your next Paracord Project.

Every week I try to highlight a product that is either new, innovative or something I think is being overlooked, this week it is Paracord Jigs. Whether I get asked directly or see it on the internet, people are wondering if they should be using a Paracord jig or if it is just for the experts/professionals out there. That decision is of course up to you, but I will highlight some of the utilitarian benefits of Paracord jigs and explain why they are appropriate for everyone to use.
For those of you who don’t already know, a Paracord jig looks like this:
The jig is designed to help assist in making different Paracord projects by holding cord in place so you are free to use both hands. The jig also has a ruler which enables you to get the exact right amount of cord for your project. I am a bigger guy with bigger hands and when I work with Paracord it can look like something out of Of Mice and Men; the Paracord Jig provide a nice stable base from which to work. Having made Paracord products both ways, I have found using a jig makes a world of difference for me.

Although they may be a slightly price-prohibitive compared with other Paracord projects, Jigs are also extremely versatile and if you plan on Paracording into the future I strongly suggest picking one up. Whether it is a bracelet, gun sling, or monkey’s fist, Paracord jigs can make your life a lot easier and more organized. If you plan on doing any sort of professional Paracord projects, even if it is just selling bracelets at school, I strongly encourage you to grab a jig to really make your measurements as precise as possible. Paracord Planet has a great selection and happens to be having a sail currently going on, so hop over and find the right jig for you!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dream Weaver: Sam's Six Favorite Paracord Weaves

Shark Jaw Bone Weave.jpgDream Weaver: Sam’s Six Favorite Paracord Weaves
I have blogged about great Paracord products, gear and ideas in the past; this week I take a little time to point out a few of my favorite weave patterns.

 Image Source: Tangled Knot Designs

        Shark Jaw Bone
Selfishly, this one occupies the top spot based on pure aesthetics. I think this bracelet has a very sleek, aggressive look to it, something that can be hard to capture in Paracord Products at times. You can easily learn to make it here from the experts at TIAT. As always, I recommend taking advantage of Paracord Planet's amazing color selection to be sure you find the perfect colors.

Quick Deploy
In contrast to my first indulging ranking, this one is based purely on functionality, which after all, lies at the core of every Paracord project. This weave pattern enables you to quickly deploy your Paracord in a matter of mere moments—the perfect bracelet to carry on all of your adventures. The video by YouTube user paradudeaz offers a great tutorial on how make one of your own. Paracord and shackles can be found at Paracord Planet. 

Extreme Weave (Trilobite Bar)

This is another weave that wins mainly on appearance.The almost-striped pattern is extremely unique and as a sports fanatic, a fresh red and white weave really reminds me of baseball. 

 Image Source: Paracord Planet

 It is also a very flat weave making it very comfortable to wear (even as I type this incredible blog) so you never need to take it off. DIY kits for this weave and others are available from Paracord Planet. If further instruction is needed TIAT offers a video that helps explain in great detail.

Triple Cobra
As an avid hunter I am licking my chops for hunting season (figuratively for hunting, literally for lunch break) because this year I am going to be making several Paracord slings for my rifle and shotgun. There is a plethora of ways to make them out there, but this video by YouTube user gearsNtools shows the best weave, the triple cobra. As a hunter who has had his fair share of poor quality slings over the years a strong, broad sling that doesn’t dig into your shoulder is ideal. Not to mention it will not rot or mildew and in a pinch I have quite a bit of Paracord on hand! A great selection of high-quality camo Paracord can be found here

 Image Source: TACummings

Switchback Path Bar
The Switchback Path Bar weave makes the list not only because it reminds me of mountainous switchback roads as I stare over the plains of North Dakota, but also for its incredible design. 

 Image Source: TIAT

The switchback is extremely appealing to the eye, offering an intricate, recognizable, multicolor design. It also is unique in the elasticity of the bracelet offered by the special weave. Be sure to check out TIAT’s video on how to tie it.

Turk's Head Knot.jpgSailor/Turk’s Head Knot
 Image Source: WhatKnotShop
The Turk’s Head Weave is an awesome weave that offers one of the most ornamental Paracord designs possible. As the young woman in the video explains, for all of you ladies out there looking for a great summer bracelet, this weave will replace that short-lived hemp bracelet. Paracord abounds with longevity because it will never rot or mildew no matter how much time you spend in the sun or water this summer. As a guy, I also think the Turks head looks terrific when made with masculine colors. In addition to its use as a bracelet, it can also be used as a can coozie or coffee holder.

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mighty, Mighty Micro Cord

Mighty, Mighty Micro Cord
Last week I showed you how a little light can make a big difference, this week it’s cord.

            For every Batman there is a Robin, for every Jordan there is a Pippen and yes for every 550 Paracord there is a Micro Paracord. However, don’t let the small stature of this cord fool you. Micro Paracord is one of those underappreciated cords that many think is too weak to have a real niche in the Paracord world and in accordance, ignore it. Today you will realize how useful Micro cord is and just like Indiana Jones without his whip, your Paracord adventures are not complete without it.
            Ever have a customer say “I like your bracelets but they are just too bulky” or “Gee, I would love to buy this for my son, but those are way too big!”? Well that is where Micro cord picks up the slack (pun intended, as usual). At approximately 70% smaller in diameter than traditional 550 cord, Micro cord is the perfect blend of strength (100 lb test) and size. Micro cord can be used to make smaller less obtrusive bracelets which can be especially appealing to women and children looking for lighter survival gear.
            Beyond bracelets, Micro Paracord is the perfect Paracord to use for necklaces. No one wants a stiff, noose-like leash around their neck; Micro cord provides the perfect balance between function and comfort. It is also small enough to make small symbols for your necklace such as a cross or breast cancer ribbon. Additionally, micro Paracord holds a distinct advantage over its 550 counterpart in that it can be used to fish with in a pinch—no need to tear apart the sheath!Micro cord compared to 550.jpg
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Beating the Boot Blues

Beating the Boot Blues
A simple answer to an age old problem.

            I put my boots away last night and thought to myself for likely the tenth time: I wonder how long these laces will last. If you are like me, the laces on your boots are about as reliable as cell phone coverage in Western North Dakota; no matter the quality of the boot, your laces never last. After a few weeks of trudging through water or snow followed by subsequent drying in my home, my laces look like something that should be found in a sarcophagus. When I tie them I inevitably am left with a chalky residue and as the rabbit rounds the tree and is heading for home, they are sure to snap.
dasboot.JPG            Well I have had enough, and am doing something I should have ages ago: replacing my regular laces with Paracord. For all of you out there who have not done so already, it is time to replace your footwear laces with Paracord laces. Whether they are snow boots, hunting boots, or the latest Jordan’s, your footwear could use a lace upgrade. And for all you weekend warriors out there, Paracord makes a great replacement laces for hockey laces which are constantly getting cut in the locker room or any football cleat out there. Paracord is incredibly strong and will never rot or mildew, regardless of if you are trudging through the North Dakota snow or going for an evening run in a normal-climate state, Paracord has your back.
            The reliability of Paracord laces are only matched by its style and practicality.  Standard Paracord 550 is available from Paracord Planet in over 300 incredible colors. Ranging from ‘Acid Brown’ and ‘Arctic Camo’ for those boots to ‘Starburst’ for your latest Nike Frees, Paracord Planet has your Paracord lace needs covered (be sure to check out the color chart for the full selection). Additionally, there is always the added benefit of every Paracord product: survival. Paracord is a great item to have on you, especially in the outdoors because you never know when an emergency situation might occur and you might need some strong cord to fasten a shelter or splint.

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Knottology Illuminator: Lighting up Your World

Knottology Illuminator: Lighting up Your World
How a little buckle can make a big difference in your Paracord world.

As I was struggling to see the keyhole of my home and had to first pull off my gloves in -20 degree weather and then fish around for my phone as my fingers slowly lost feeling, I thought to myself: There has to be a better way. Upon returning to work the next day I was looking through some of the products and realized the answer was right in front of me, the Knottology IlluminatorBuckle. This little buckle incorporates a light into a standard metal buckle for one terrific tool.
Completely unobtrusive, the Illuminator is only slightly larger than a standard buckle and possesses a surprisingly bright 15 lumen LED light. The light can be easily accessed from a button conveniently located on top of the buckle that can be pressed by even the most heavily gloved hand (trust me!). Housed in a sturdy, water resistant metal body this little light can handle any adventure you can, yet it is still practical for everyday use (such as saving a few fingers). As a hunter I am also thrilled about having a small convenient light when I need it, especially as I fumble around my pack for my flashlight.
I personally plan on incorporating this into my next Paracord bracelet as well as my key lanyard. I appreciate the fact that the Illuminator is available in three different colors (Silver, Gun Grey and Black) from Paracord Planet, making it easy to incorporate into almost any color scheme or camo pattern.
At $10.99, the mighty little Knottology Illuminator Buckle is a product I have become fascinated with and believe should be incorporated onto pretty much every Paracord anything.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Paracord 550 and You

Paracord 550 and You
How the most common Paracord can help you accomplish those pesky New Year’s Resolutions.

Many understand that Paracord is a fashionable yet functional cord that can save lives while also providing a fresh look. However, few understand that Paracord can actually do the impossible—help you accomplish your New Year’s Resolutions. In this week’s blog we break down 5 common New Year’s Resolutions and explain how this small cord can make a big difference.
First a little background on the product. Paracord 550 is the most common type of Paracord and is so named because it can hold up to 550 lbs. Initially made famous by the Military as far back as WWII, Paracord has become an exciting new trend in both outdoor survival and fashion alike. This seemingly paradoxical relationship is actually symbiotic in nature as each area leads to new innovations in the product and a constant evolution in the multitude of ways it is used. Here at Paracord Planet, 550 is our flagship Paracord and is offered in over 300 colors so no matter if you are looking for that special camo pattern or just want to spice up your child’s backpack with some ‘zombie’ colors, we have you covered (be sure to check for new colors regularly!).
Now, here are 5 surprising ways Paracord 550 can help you, be the best ‘You’ possible in 2014:
1.      Learn Something New:
Many of us begin the New Year feeling aplomb and confident that this will finally be the year we learn to play that old six-string. While strumming cords is a noble goal, we at Paracord Planet ask, why not learn something new that is both fun and functional? Paracord is the perfect thing to finally achieve this goal with. Paracord 550 represents an inexpensive investment that comes with a low learning curve. What’s more, weaving a dragon’s tongue bracelet or making a hammock is great to do alone or with the whole family and no matter the project, Paracord Planet can fulfill all of your needs!
2.      Save Money:
Pinching pennies is a great way to stretch your dollar further, but can often cost you more in time than you really save in cash. Enter Paracord 550, this adaptable, strong and lightweight cord is highly affordable and can replace many of the products you have to spring for every year, not to mention it is fun and customizable! Whether it is a chewed up dog collar or having to replace shoelaces, Paracord can meet your needs and save you bucks.  Paracord 550 will never rot or mildew so whether you are using it to make a Christmas gift now or are in a bind a few years down the road, it will be there for you!
3.      Relieve Stress
This may be less obvious to those of you who have never made Paracord products or are new to the game, but sitting down after a long day to a Paracord Project can really do wonders. But don’t take my word for it, according to the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine, small repetitive motions can slow your rate of breathing and heart rate while lowering stress. While your blood pressure drops, your enjoyment of life is sure to increase after you have an awesome custom-made bracelet or gun sling!
4.      Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Giving Mother Nature a hand is great plan for 2014, but for the many of us that already recycle, finding another way to help can be frustrating and stressful. With Paracord 550 you can not only reduce your commercial waste through the amazing projects you make. But, as the picture below shows (borrowed from D├ęcor Hacks, Paracord 550 allows you to come up with great uses for old things you might normally throw away (such as a pallet).
5.      Get Fit:
I know the suspense was killing you, but I save the best for last. Likely the most common goal among us (and number one for this blogger) is dropping a few pounds in 2014. Well Paracord is the perfect way to do this and can actually make exercise fun—generally regarded as one of the biggest obstacles to weight loss. Paracord 550 is a tremendous product that encourages you to get outdoors and explore. Whether it is feeling more confident being outdoors with a trusty Paracord bracelet, making a custom walking-stick handle as guest blogger Andy Amick showed us or feeling safer on those evening jogs with a reflective Paracord headband, Paracord 550 has the variety, durability and functionality to meet your needs.

Achieving New Year’s Resolutions can be a real challenge, but that is what makes success so sweet. Paracord can help make success that much more realistic (and with the variety of colors, sweeter too!). Put Paracord to work in 2014 and accomplish your goals.

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