Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine's Day Victory

Big Celtic Heart Knot.jpg
Image Source: TIAT
Valentine’s Day Victory
This week we not only remind you that Valentine’s Day is in a week, but help you out with a few great Paracord ideas that the special person in your life is bound to love.

            If you guys are like me, the coming days are likely to be filled with worry, trepidation and fear and that is not just because football is over for the year; Valentine’s Day is next week. But what must not be lost in our wailing and gnashing of teeth is the idea that this might just be one of the most important holidays of the year. You may laugh in the face of danger and think of Valentine’s Day as a simple corporate gimmick designed to make you spend what little money of yours survived Christmas, but to the special someone in your life—it is no laughing matter. Valentine’s Day is something akin to a tryout, not only are you judged against your peers (trust me this happens), but fail to make the cut and you may find yourself back in your parents basement, for much different reasons than high school.
            So this Valentine’s Day, we at Paracord Planet have you covered, let’s make the team. If anything is true about women it is this: (1) They love getting thoughtful gifts that you either took the time to make or otherwise picked out in a way that shows your thoughtfulness (2) They love getting gifts. So we are going to put both of these facts to work you this week, you are going to make your special lady a Paracord Product. Women will love the fact that you took the time to make this yourself, it will look great and if you the two of you are into the outdoors at all, it is an extremely practical gift as well.

Solomon Heart Bracelet.jpg
Image Source: HypKnotic via Etsy.com
            For the advanced Paracorder that is looking to really give their loved one something nice, JD the great guy from Tying It All Together (TIAT) offers a tremendous video on how to tie a ‘Celtic Heart’ knot. He shows both a large and small knot version of the video, the knot is sure to capture the heart of your lady. As JD himself explains: “...The knot looks amazing as the center piece to a necklace or bracelet,” I could not agree more myself.            Regardless of if you are a rookie in the Paracord game or a Pro, not to worry. I advise       buying Paracord from Paracord Planet in two of your significant other’s favorite colors, otherwise ‘Rose Pink’ and ‘White’ are two great Valentine’s Day colors. For beginners I recommend this video  from YouTube User tovamos816, which should clearly explain how to make a basic Paracord bracelet. For those that are a little more advanced, I recommend this video on the ‘Solomon’s Heart’ Bracelet, provided by YouTube UserChaoticThinking1. It is a beautiful design that will remind the woman in your life of Valentine’s Day every time she wears it.

Image Source: Paracord Planet
Be sure to share and comment what option you went with as well as like our Facebook page, thanks for reading! I almost hate to say it, but for those of you out there who suffer from clumsy fingers, a lack of time or simple apathy, there is a solution for you. This Paracord Planet page offers a multitude of bracelets that come with several great options. Most notably, the bracelets allow you to pick your colors and even get custom engraving. However, when choosing custom engraving, please allow extra shipping time for the engraving process. No matter what Paracord need you have, Paracord Planet has you covered and is sure to make your Valentine’s Day a huge success.

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