Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Survival Kit

Survival Kits
They are not just for Preppers anymore

            ‘Preppers’ are one of the hottest topics in the news lately. Some like to make them out to be radicals, others herald them as visionaries. Whatever your stance is on Preppers, one thing can be agreed upon: they are prepared. It might sound ridiculous, but even if you are not stacking boxes of instant oatmeal and toilet paper in your basement to wait out a 30-year nuclear winter, it never hurts to be “Always Prepared” as the Boy Scouts advise us. So what does it mean to be prepared? Being prepared takes on a different definition for everyone, but most can agree on a few essentials stored in a bag to enable you to ‘grab and go’ in a moment’s notice; we will cover those here. *Note this is not a comprehensive list, rather the basics.

Duck Tape®
Perhaps the most obvious of essential supplies, Duck Tape® posses the extreme versatility that makes it a cornerstone of survival supplies. Duck Tape® is fantastic because it is strong, light and waterproof while coming in a wide variety of colors and even sizes. Considered to be the ‘redneck toolkit,’ it is a must of any survival kit and can be conveniently purchased in a wide variety of colors at Paracord Planet.

It is hard to do much in a survival situation without a sharp knife. The applications are nearly endless from cutting various items to self-defense; knives are a crucial part of the basic survival kit. They can be found at Outdoor Bunker for a very reasonable price.

Flash Light
Flashlights are a survival item that are nice to have, but can be a bit of a luxury. They are not essential, but can really come in handy in a multitude of different situations. The downfall is the batteries; it is a good idea to keep a good supply of these in a waterproof bag, also in the survival kit. It also a good idea to provide a waterproof zip-lock type bag if the flashlight is not waterproof; however this flashlight is, so you need not worry.

survival blanket takes many shapes and forms, but it is best if it light and reflects as much body heat as possible. It seems like a small thing, but having something simple that works in the rain, with or without fuel, to keep you warm can be the difference between life and death. Grab something simple like this to be well-protected.

Water Bottle Filter/Purifying Water Drops
An often forgot portion of a survival kit, a water filter and/or water drops are extremely necessary. No one wants to catch a nasty case of beaver fever and lose what little food they had. Filters and purifiers go a long way towards preventing this and are extremely easy to use. They are even easier to find at Paracord Planet.

First Aid Kit
Another must for a survival bag; a first aid kit such as this provides all the essentials ranging from Gauze to Aspirin. Do not underestimate the importance of bandages and pain relief in a survival situation. They also conveniently come in bags to keep everything together and are available at Outdoor Bunker.

This category could also be labeled ‘Food’ as it is obviously essential to keep food in your grab and go bag. However, MREs are particularly handy in terms of their convenience, shelf life and variety. They may not be a five star dinner, but they will do just fine in a pinch. Check them out here.

Paracord/ Spool Tool
You all knew it was coming, so I saved the best for last. Paracord is an absolute survival essential, with a list of uses longer than Rip Van Winkle’s beard it is a must have for any kit. Whether you need to fashion a lean-to, tie up a bag or cut down a tree, Paracord can help you. It also comes in a multitude of different varieties from Paracord Planet to best meet all of your needs whether you are looking for true Mil-Spec or Glow-In-The-Dark. It is obviously important to keep several hanks in your survival kit, but do not underestimate the power of a survival bracelet outfitted with a compass, or storage, or a whistle or a light, or all four!
The Spool Tool is another great survival tool that provides an excellent way to store your Paracord while conveniently keeping a blade, and lighter (sold separately) together in your bag. I would recommend it as an essential part of your grab and go bag.

There are many other great additions to a survival kit that I could not fit on this list so here are the honorable mentions:
Sewing needle and thread, Pepto Bismal, Alcohol/disinfectant wipes, a map and bug spray. For a more 
complete list click here.

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