Thursday, April 3, 2014

Reflective Paracord

Spring is Reflective Paracord Season
Spring is finally here, enjoy it with Paracord

            For most of the country, this past winter was one of the roughest in recent history with record lows or unseasonably long stretches of cold being felt from coast to coast. Fargo, ND (our headquarters) was no exception; we endured weeks where the futile barometer never rose above 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, it is with a happy (and warm!) heart that I write this blog to usher in Spring 2014. Many of you in warmer climes may argue that it has been spring for several weeks, that I should have written this sooner and so on; I will counter by saying it is currently 35 degrees here, close to the warmest temperature this spring. Spring in Fargo is something akin to a garage sale: all the things that have been stuck inside all winter are finally put out for all to see (and it’s not always pretty). We take to the streets and sidewalks en masse to walk, run or just feel natural light.

            Thus, the motivation behind my blog this week lies in my concern over the safety and enjoyment of this collective spring of ours. It is obvious that Paracord makes everything better, but you may be wondering how it can really make your spring that much better (especially because if you live north of Nebraska you are already dancing in the streets). The answer: Reflective Paracord. This little gem of a Paracord is the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe! Not only does it come in a great selection of colors to enable you to coordinate it with any outfit or other Paracord project, but it is still 550 lb test so it is as reliable as ever.

            What really makes Reflective Paracord the perfect cord for spring is safety. Adding a small amount of Reflective Paracord to your Paracord projects obviously adds style, but as you head out the door this spring, be safe with Reflective Paracord. Reflective Paracord is the perfect cord to put into your shoelaces, make a headband with or create a dog collar. It can also be used to tie a water bottle, braid a dog leash or create a traditional bracelet; the idea is to make sure your traditional spring equipment is as reflective as possible. That way, when you venture out into the early morning darkness or are outside enjoying the evening into the night, you will be as safe as possible.

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