Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Paracord Colors

Spring Colors
Cleaning is not the only thing spring brings!

            And, despite what it looks like, rhyming is not the other thing…The main focus of this blog is on spring colors. If you are like me, you may not pay attention to new color additions or to what colors might be popular given what time of the year it is. Camouflage and blaze orange colors are obvious choices for the fall, red and green for the winter holiday season, but what about other times of the year? For guys (I only say this out of experience), it can be easy to forget to try new colors or colors that might be appropriate for the theme during a specific time of the year. Trust me when I say you can make that black and olive drab ultimate survival bracelet anytime, but now is the perfect time to try a few new colors, perhaps even for mother’s day? I am here to provide you with an easy guide to make all your Paracord projects more festive and unique this spring.

Pink Lemonade
            The key is to decide which direction you want to go with the color. There are great options in all our color varieties, particularly with our neon and multi-colored Paracord. Neon might not be the first type of color that comes to mind when you think of spring, but our neon turquoise, as well as the slightly more traditional yellow, blue and green offer a great way to make a bracelet standout. Our multi-colored Paracord offers a departure from traditional spring colors in favor of creative color combinations you might not have considered before. Colors such as ‘Pink Lemonade,’ ‘Confetti,’ ‘Fairy Tale,’ and ‘Carolina Beach’ offer great combinations of popular spring time colors that will bring any project to life. Also, for the hunters, check out ‘Pink Sky Camo’ and other great camouflage patterns for an awesome twist.
  For the more traditional, our solid colors ‘Lilac,’ ‘Turquoise’ and ‘Light Blue’ offer excellent 550 Paracord without the flash of neon or multi. I also want to take this time to give a shout out to ‘White’ Paracord. Perhaps the most underrated Paracord we carry; ‘White’ is an incredible accent to nearly every Paracord color combination and would be a great spring addition. So whether you are celebrating a holiday or simply happy to finally see something green, give our spring Paracord colors a try!

            Thanks for reading, leave a comment letting me know what colors I missed and like our Facebook page for the latest deals!