Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Paracord Hose Weave

Paracord Hose Weave
The latest innovation for your Paracord

            When I sit down to blog every week I try to either think of an innovative or unknown product; or I try to find some idea or concept that is relevant to your life that might just benefit you in some small way (the secret is out…). After scouring the internet for new ideas this week, I believe I have found one that will help you out. The idea is simple and not one bit revolutionary, but it might just save you a few bucks over the years: wrap your garden/outdoor hoses with Paracord. This is a great idea to keep in mind as many of us are dusting off our hoses for the first time this spring.

Image Source: dan_w84
            The knot itself is quite simple and can be accomplished through a multitude of different ties including the Cobra Weave (I have included a link below to the instructables page where user dan_w84 has wrapped a drink bladder tube), but the concept is a solid one and holds various implications. First, it is a good way to protect your hoses which are frequently dragged across rocks, bricks, tar, etc. Hoses are vulnerable to being punctured and torn, particularly the thinner, more flexible garden hoses. Second, it is an easy way to color-code your hoses so you always know what is running to where. Lastly, (this may seem like a cop-out) but depending on the hose and where you are using it you will have a small length of Paracord on you, and that is always a good thing!

Image source: dan_w84
Short and sweet as they say, I hope this blog gives you a little something to do this weekend that might actually make a difference for you in the long run!

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