Thursday, April 10, 2014

Paracord Fid (Needle)

Image Source: Paracord Planet
Paracord Fids (Needles)
Making your next bracelet just got easier

At least once a week, I try to highlight an innovative or exciting product; this week I want to call attention to one that is going to make your Paracord projects significantly easier. I know this will simplify your life, because we receive this question on a regular basis: “What is the point of a fid, or needle or whatever you call it?” This is a good question, because if you work with Paracord on a limited basis you may think there isn’t much to it. But the more work you do, the more you understand how a fid can help you. I will provide you with some background on the fid and explain how it can improve your projects for very little cost.

Image Source: Maine Historical Society
Fids are traditionally made of bone or wood--obviously the most readily available materials to people living in the rural parts of the world. The basic idea behind a fid is similar to that of a needle—to enable the individual to weave something that they are otherwise unable to weave with their hands—but with rope or cord rather than thread. This ability is particularly important when working with Paracord, because of how fine the cord is and how tight the weaves generally are.
Image Source: Paracord Planet

So why use a fid? Plain and simple, it will enable you to make Paracord projects you currently cannot and it will make your current Paracord projects easier. Everyday examples of this include finishing your bracelets. Yes, it is a small thing, but tucking the ends of your Paracord back into the bracelet to achieve a clean, professional finish can be frustrating; by utilizing a Paracord fid in your work, this becomes a breeze. Another very real way a fid can help you includes when you want to work that beautiful breast-cancer awareness ribbon into your Paracord bracelet while maintaining the tightness and integrity of the Paracord weave. The fid is great for getting in between the Paracord without disrupting your bracelet. A fid can also be quite beneficial for certain weaves such as the Turk’s Head and other tricky ties. A small tool that can make a big difference.

My hope is that this blog answered any questions you may have had about what a fid is or how to use it; you can find all your fids at Paracord Planet. Feel free to comment any questions you may have or tell us what project you are going to use your fid on! Like our Facebook page for great deals and enjoy your new tool!