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Best Ways to Discretely Carry Paracord on You

Best Ways to Discretely Carry Paracord on You

5 projects that conceal your versatile cordage until you need it

My first time camping didn’t come until I was 18 years old. Growing up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, there weren’t too many camp sites within close proximity to my parents’ house, and vacations usually meant staying in a hotel rather than pitching a tent. Naturally, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when my buddies and I left town for the weekend. I packed everything I needed (or rather, thought I needed) into one duffle bag: some hoodies, food, and a cellphone charger—Like I said, it was my first time camping. Although I’ve learned to be more practical about my packing for camping, hiking, and other outdoor trips, I still value the benefits of packing lightly. When bringing paracord on your adventure, the value of packing lightly is only heightened. Chances are you don’t carry around a backpack filled with spools of paracord. Not only is it impractical to do so, but it also eliminates the functionality that paracord’s success is grounded upon. This blog is dedicated to the five best projects for helping you conceal your paracord. Because packing paracord lightly also has value…

Project #1: Paracord Shoelaces

Paracord Shoelaces are a great way to conceal paracord on your person when you are on your adventure. Simply replace your shoelaces with paracord laces that can unravel and be used as needed. To learn how to make your own, visit here.

Project # 2: Paracord Wallet

The Paracord Wallet, though a little bit more complicated to make, is awesome. Bringing this wallet with you on a camping or hiking trip is a great idea as it provides you with about 30 feet of survival cordage in the event that something goes awry. To learn how to make your own, visit here.

Project #3: Paracord Watch

Alright, so some of you may wonder why I included this in the list, and didn't include a regular paracord bracelet. Well, the Paracord Watch is essentially the same as a paracord bracelet in that it is weaved and includes a good amount of survival cord, however this watchband has even greater functionality as it also helps you keep track of time! This is great for any survival or outdoor situation. To learn how to make your own, visit here.

Project #4: Paracord Belt

The Paracord Belt allows you to have about 100 ft. of paracord (give or take a few feet, depending on your waist size) on your person at all times. Not only is it fashionable, but it also can unravel and unleash a massive amount of capabilities for you during your trip. To learn how to make your own, visit here.

Project #5: Paracord Zipper Pulls

Paracord Zipper Pulls won't provide you with much paracord, but it is probably the most subtle way to carry some cord on your trip. If you need just a few feet of paracord for survival purposes (perhaps even tinder cord for starting a campfire at night), this project is right up your alley. Oh, plus it's extremely easy. To learn how to make your own, visit here.

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