Wednesday, May 20, 2015

One Thin Line for Awareness

One Thin Line for Awareness
How a paracord bracelet can raise awareness for various causes

When I first started making paracord bracelets, I had no idea what a powerful tool they could be in raising awareness for various causes. Running the social media accounts for Paracord Planet, the first designs that I started to see popping up involved ribbons being added to Cobra Weave bracelets. Whether it were a pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness, or a gold ribbon for childhood cancers, it was great to see how proactive paracord artists were in crafting for a greater cause. We started to hold “Autism Awareness”-colored 550 Cord in our warehouse which made me dig even deeper. It was great to see people wearing colors to symbolize their support for a specific cause, but I started to wonder if these bracelets alone were enough to raise awareness. After all, how often do I even pay attention to the wrists of someone I am walking past on the street? But then I wore a Thin Blue Line bracelet. I was stopped by a friend who asked, “What is that you’re wearing?” I responded that it was a paracord bracelet, and talked a little bit more about where I worked and the wonders of parachute cord. Then my friend asked, “So did you choose those colors?” BOOM. There was my ‘in.’ I raised awareness for my local police by simply wearing a paracord bracelet. It got me thinking; maybe this awareness thing is for real. Maybe one thin line is all it takes to make one major impact.

If you have a cause that you feel passionate about, show it. Grab some cord and get crafting—craft with a purpose! The truth of the matter is that not everybody will stop and ask you what you’re wearing. Hell, not everybody will even notice a paracord bracelet on your wrist; but when someone does, you have a window of opportunity to enlighten them on what you are passionate about. And that, along with many other intangibles, is what makes paracord so special.

If you have been following our social media accounts, you may have noticed our thin line designs over the past few weeks, which were aimed at raising awareness for various service branches. Last week, May 10-16, was National Police Week. We celebrated last week with the “Thin Blue Line” design which raises awareness for police officers. This week, May 17-23, is National EMS week. We celebrated this week with the “Thin White Line” design which raises awareness for our emergency medical services. To view both of these designs, and try making them yourself, continue below:

Thin Blue Line (Police Awareness)

Thin White Line (EMS Awareness)

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Written by: Jackson Yakowicz
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