Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shock Cord

Shock Cord from Paracord Planet
Shock Cord
Finding flexibility in an uncompromising world
            Do you ever find yourself wishing your Paracord were just a bit softer or more flexible? One of the most common complaints we hear about Paracord is how it can be uncomfortable to wear at times, especially for young children. Additionally, customers often request a greater range of flexibility, explaining that while Paracord strength is tremendous, it does not offer much ‘give’ which can make it tough to work with both in the field and when making projects at home. So this week seems like a great week to highlight a Paracord product that has been one of the fastest trending subjects in the Paracord World lately, Shock Cord.         
Shock Cord is becoming increasingly popular as Paracorders are realizing all the possibilities this cord possesses. Shock Cord, which is also known as Bungee or Elastic Shock Cord is anywhere from 5%-25% smaller in diameter than standard 550 Paracord, thus it feels roughly the same to work with only ‘tighter’. Like most Paracord, it is surrounded by an abrasion, mildew and UV resistant Nylon sheath; the difference lies in the core. The heart of Shock Cord is a rubber core that provides approximately 100% elongation. The ‘bounce’ is clearly the most noticeable difference between standard Paracord and Shock Cord and can be just what is needed at times.
The famous 'Paracord Pete' of Paracord Planet
One of ‘those times’ is with a hammock. Paracord hammock’s are notorious for being a somewhat uncomfortable to lie on, the lack of flexibility in the Paracord can be harsh against the back. Similarly, Paracorder’s sometimes enjoy finding an old chair with the bottom worn out and replacing it with Paracord. In both these instances, Shock Cord is the ideal substitute for Paracord; Shock cord still possesses strength while its rubbery nature makes it far more comfortable to put weight on.
Frederick is being tied down with Shock Cord
The uses of Shock Cord go far beyond relaxing in the sunshine, if you enjoy camping, Shock Cord can be a great addition to your pack. Shock Cord is frequently used to make additional storage on packs, while storing extra cord through a daisy chain, which is essentially adding more loops to your pack; perfect for storing water bottles or a hatchet (Video Credit: Reality Survival) . It can be further used in camping to stow cargo whether it be in a canoe or at a campsite. And if you plan on hitting the water, sailors utilize Shock Cord all over the boat from stowing gear to tying down essential ropes.
Shock Cord has also found its way into the hearts of the brave Men and Women who serve this country. Members of the Military commonly use Shock Cord in their Boonie hats to hold foliage or ammunition in place. And to maximize the uses of shock cord, it can be a great replacement for the uncomfortable drawstring found in sweatpants, athletic shorts and other pants; shock cord will give you form-fitting comfort.

Image Credit: Stormdrane
So if you guys are ready to try a new cord that is changing the game, pick up some Shock Cord from the best retailer around Paracord Planet and our unparalleled selection of over 30 Shock Cord colors. As always, be sure to like our Facebook Page so you never miss one of our daily flash sales and please leave a comment letting me know what you are going to use shock cord for!