Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Paracord Olympics

The Paracord Olympics
Wishing you could do an Olympic event? Now you can with our Paracord Olympics!

            Every two years the world is blessed with what is arguably the greatest sporting event on our planet, the Olympics. Tomorrow, the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi begin and it forced me to think about what events I would most like to compete in. Naturally, when you have Paracord woven (pun intended) into your life as much as I do, your thought lines converge and I began to wonder what Paracord Projects were analogous with specific Winter Olympic events. Here are a few of the best. (If you are looking for some patriotic Paracord kits, look no further than right here!).

Olympic: Figure Skating 

Paracord: The Celtic Heart Knot (TIAT)

Big Celtic Heart Knot.jpg   
Image Source: AP/ TIAT
            Although figure skating is not my personal favorite, according to a recent poll by US News Figure skating is the most watched sport in the Winter Olympics. With that in mind, I do think figure skating is incredibly elegant and graceful. Figure skating takes strength, but also extreme muscle control and grace, somewhat akin to the Celtic Heart Knot by TIAT. This knot can be tricky, but don’t go Tanya Harding; if you pay careful attention to the instructions you will come away with an elegant knot that is great for a necklace or bracelet. Try our Rose Pink, or any of our other 300+ colors!

Olympic: Speed Skating 

Paracord: Quick Deploy Bracelet

Speed Skating.jpg   
Image Source: AP/Para King
            Watching Speed Skating with Apolo Anton Ohno has to be one of my favorite Olympic Activities. If you have never had the opportunity to watch, it is somewhat akin to sprinting in track except that the athletes all share one lane and have giant razor blades attached to their feet. It is an awe-inspiring combination of strength and determination. Ohno is one of the most decorated speed skaters in U.S. Olympic history and has been in his fair share of spills, but he always comes out on top. That is where I drew the comparison to a Quick Deploy Bracelet, the one pictured here is created with 100% Paracord Planet Paracord by the Para King and can be fast and taken apart faster to have a large amount of Paracord readily available in an instant.

Olympic: Biathlon 

Paracord: Making a Gun Sling
Image Source: Ammoland/TACummings
            The Biathlon has to be one of the most unique events in all of sports. Born of Northern European hunting tradition, the discipline combines the endurance of cross-country with the precision of a world-class marksmanship competition. I found its closest analogy to be that of crafting a Paracord gun sling (video from gearsNtools). Similar to the cross-country aspect of the Biathlon, creating a Paracord rifle sling creates an incredible amount of patience in pursuit of a bigger dream. They also draw on firearm technology in that the Biathlon uses some of the most precise firearms in the world and slings serve to protect and make using your firearms as comfortable to use as possible. If you do endeavor to make a gun sling, keep in mind the cross country aspect of the Biathlon and stay patient, the results will be well worth it.

Olympic: Hockey 

Paracord: Monkey’s Fist
Miracle SI.jpg  Monkey's Fist.jpg
Image Source: Sports Illustrated/Para King
            Few events in Olympic history are as iconic as the moment pictured above, The ‘Miracle’. In 1980, viewed as unimaginable underdogs going into the Semifinal against the seemingly unbeatable Russians, Team USA came up with one of the greatest upsets in the history of modern sports. Team USA went on to win gold and as sports so often do, the significance of the victory transcended the game and had major political implications as the U.S. was still in the middle of the Cold War. Just as Hockey is a game of intricate play design and huge hits the Paracord Monkey’s Fist represents both skill and power. Designed to emulate the unique way in which monkeys whip their arm when striking, the Monkey’s Fist is more than just a neat key-chain, but a capable self-defense weapon in dangerous situations. The weave is not overly difficult to do, but the project is far easier to complete with a Monkey Fist jig from Paracord Planet where you can find all necessary supplies, including ball bearings (The pictured Monkey's Fist is created by Para King using Paracord Planet Paracord).

Olympic: Curling 

Paracord: Ultimate Survival Bracelet
Image Source: CBS
            Alas Curling, one of the most maligned sports in the Olympics for being simply put: ‘strange’. As a native Minnesotan, Curling holds a special place in my heart (Minnesota is a Curling powerhouse!), I myself have never participated, but respect the sport and those athletes that participate in it. People may not see the connection between Curling and Paracord, but trust me it is there. Curling is very unique in the range of skills is requires, teams must be athletic enough to push the rock precisely down the ice at a specific target, but must also have an excellent grasp of strategy and tactics. Curling simply has so many variables ranging from strength to knowing how hard to sweep to which rocks to aim for, that you really need to be prepared for anything. That is why it compares favorably with the idea of the ultimate survival bracelet. Pick Paracord, your array of survival buckles such as a compass, whistle or storage container from Paracord Planet and any Paracord weave you want and make the Ultimate Survival Bracelet so you will always be prepared. (And try Curling!).

I hope after reading this you feel inspired to take on some of these Olympic challenges, maybe while you cheer on Team USA? As always, please like our Facebook page and comment with the Olympic Paracord challenges you are taking on! Let the games begin!