Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Quiz: What Paracord Color Are You?

Quiz: What Paracord Color Are You?
Find out where your personality lands you on the paracord color chart

We have an astounding amount of color choices here at Paracord Planet. I don't mean to sound cocky when I say that, either--it's just truly mind-boggling how many colors of paracord exist. When I first explored our warehouse, my jaw just about dropped. All of the different shades of blues, the variety of camo combinations, the multi-colored options; I didn't know where to begin! I do believe, however, that one's paracord color choice says a lot about their personality. I wear two paracord bracelets on my wrist at all time. One, made with Bulldog cord because of my love for dogs, and one made with Kelly Green cord because I love money. What? Judge me. Maybe you have a unique story for why you chose the colors on your wrist, too. However, there is no doubt that one's paracord color choice matches (at least slightly) with their personality. Don't believe me? Take the quiz and see for yourself.

How the quiz works: There will be ten questions with five answers each. Answer each question on a piece of paper. Keep track of all of your answers so that you can grade your scores at the end. You will then count up your amount of "A" answers, "B" answers, "C" answers, "D" answers, and "E" answers. Whichever section, A-E, has the greatest amount of answers in it corresponds to your paracord color. Good luck!

1) What does your ideal Saturday consist of?
  • A. Going shopping
  • B. Going hunting
  • C. Just hanging out, I don't know
  • D. Going out the club
  • E. Taking a hike on the coast
2) What's your favorite television station?
  • A. E!
  • B. Discovery Channel
  • C. The news
  • D. MTV
  • E. I only really watch Shark Week
3) When do you typically wake up?
  • A. Around noon
  • B. Shortly after sunrise
  • C. Probably around 9 am
  • D. No earlier than 3 PM
  • E. Crack of dawn, baby!
4) What would be your dream vacation?
  • A. A trip to New York Fashion Week
  • B. A hunting or fishing trip in northern Minnesota
  • C. I don't really want to vacation
  • D. A trip to Europe to visit some popular clubs and discos
  • E. A trip to Capetown, South Africa
5) What sounds like the perfect date night to you?
  • A. A fancy meal at the Four Seasons
  • B. A boat cruise around the lake
  • C. I don't really like dates
  • D. Dancing in the VIP section at the club
  • E. A romantic hike in search of a water fall
6) Who would you most like to meet?
  • A. Donatella Versace
  • B. Bear Grylls
  • C. Hmm, that's a tough question
  • D. One of the Kardashians
  • E. Kelly Slater
7) What's your favorite food?
  • A. Caviar
  • B. Venison
  • C. Frozen Pizza
  • D. McDonalds or Taco Bell, after a night on the town
  • E. Surf 'n Turf
8) What's your biggest pet peeve?
  • A. Scuffing my new shoes
  • B. Crowds of people
  • C. Noise of any sort
  • D. When the DJ stops playing my jam
  • E. What's to stress? Life is great
9) What kind of accents, additions, etc. do you like on your paracord bracelet?
  • A. Anything shiny
  • B. Fishing line and fire-starting buckles
  • C. Nothing
  • D. Beads!!
  • E. A compass would be handy
10) Where did you first learn about paracord?
  • A. One of the fashion magazines I'm subscribed to
  • B. Bear Grylls
  • C. I didn't know about until this blog post
  • D. From someone I met at the bar
  • E. Somebody left a bracelet on the beach and I found it
Count up your final total of A's answered, B's answered, C's answered, D's answered, and E's answered, and then scroll down to see what this says about how your personality meshes with our paracord colors.

If your highest total was in the A's: Congrats! You are Diamonds cord.

What this means: You have a knack for the glamour and glitz. People are always complimenting you on your fashion sense, and you never leave the house without something shiny on. Diamonds cord is perfect for you.

If your highest total was in the B's: Congrats! You are Multi-Camo cord.
What this means: You love the great outdoors. Whether it's fishing or hunting, winter or summer, it doesn't matter. Your paracord bracelet needs to be functional, survival-ready, and, of course, camouflage. Multi-Camo cord is perfect for you.

If your highest total was in the C's: Congrats! You are Olive Drab cord.
What this means: You are consistent. Some may say 'boring,' perhaps, but you're consistent! You don't need to be around noise, crowds, or anything of the like. You'd prefer to just relax on the couch. And that's fine. Everybody needs some Olive Drab in their life.

If your highest total was in the D's: Congrats! You are Party cord!

What this means: You like to have a good time. Your ideal night is spent out on the town with some friends, and everybody calls you the life of the party! Naturally, you need a paracord color that can match your pizzazz. Party cord is perfect for you.

If your highest total was in the E's: Congrats! You are Tropical cord!

What this means: You probably live by a large body of water. If not, you wish you did! You love hiking, surfing, exploring, and anything else you can do outside or on a coastline. You need a type of paracord like Tropical cord on your wrists.

If none of these answers sounded like you, then don't you worry: your paracord color is still out there. You just may have to discover it for yourself!! Tell us about what color best describes your personality on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, or Instagram. Can't wait to hear from you :) #HappyCording

Written By: Jackson Yakowicz
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

One Thin Line for Awareness

One Thin Line for Awareness
How a paracord bracelet can raise awareness for various causes

When I first started making paracord bracelets, I had no idea what a powerful tool they could be in raising awareness for various causes. Running the social media accounts for Paracord Planet, the first designs that I started to see popping up involved ribbons being added to Cobra Weave bracelets. Whether it were a pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness, or a gold ribbon for childhood cancers, it was great to see how proactive paracord artists were in crafting for a greater cause. We started to hold “Autism Awareness”-colored 550 Cord in our warehouse which made me dig even deeper. It was great to see people wearing colors to symbolize their support for a specific cause, but I started to wonder if these bracelets alone were enough to raise awareness. After all, how often do I even pay attention to the wrists of someone I am walking past on the street? But then I wore a Thin Blue Line bracelet. I was stopped by a friend who asked, “What is that you’re wearing?” I responded that it was a paracord bracelet, and talked a little bit more about where I worked and the wonders of parachute cord. Then my friend asked, “So did you choose those colors?” BOOM. There was my ‘in.’ I raised awareness for my local police by simply wearing a paracord bracelet. It got me thinking; maybe this awareness thing is for real. Maybe one thin line is all it takes to make one major impact.

If you have a cause that you feel passionate about, show it. Grab some cord and get crafting—craft with a purpose! The truth of the matter is that not everybody will stop and ask you what you’re wearing. Hell, not everybody will even notice a paracord bracelet on your wrist; but when someone does, you have a window of opportunity to enlighten them on what you are passionate about. And that, along with many other intangibles, is what makes paracord so special.

If you have been following our social media accounts, you may have noticed our thin line designs over the past few weeks, which were aimed at raising awareness for various service branches. Last week, May 10-16, was National Police Week. We celebrated last week with the “Thin Blue Line” design which raises awareness for police officers. This week, May 17-23, is National EMS week. We celebrated this week with the “Thin White Line” design which raises awareness for our emergency medical services. To view both of these designs, and try making them yourself, continue below:

Thin Blue Line (Police Awareness)

Thin White Line (EMS Awareness)

If you have more paracord causes to discuss with us, please tell us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, or Instagram. We would love to hear from you!

Written by: Jackson Yakowicz
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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Paracord Kids Champ

The Paracord Kids Champ
An interview with the winner of our Facebook Kids Contest

This past weekend, we held a contest on our Facebook page in honor of our brand new Paracord Kids section. The contest was targeted to paracord crafters 18 years of age and younger, and we were in search of the best craft made by a kid! The Paracord Kids section on was created this past week in hopes of inspiring more children to become active with paracord crafting. Not only is it a mind-stimulating activity, as we have referenced in previous blogs, paracord crafting can be quite the financially viable hobby for kids to undertake. Our contest, which featured many talented young crafters, was won by Victoria Sandoval. Victoria’s winning craft (shown above) won her two free items off of our Paracord Kids section, as well as a feature on our blog. We were able to interview Victoria to learn more about her time crafting with paracord and what inspired her winning craft.

Interviewer: How did you get the inspiration for your winning craft?
Victoria: I got the inspiration for this project because it was Valentine's Day and I wanted to make something unique for my mom. So I was just messing around with different shapes and colors and the heart was made!

Interviewer: What is your favorite paracord weave to make?
Victoria: My favorite paracord weave to make would be the normal cobra weave. I also like to make the solomon’s heart weave!

Interviewer: Who taught you how to craft with paracord?
Victoria: When I was at school I saw this kid who had a paracord bracelet, I saw it and I loved it. They sold them but they were kind of mean so I did not want to ask on how to make. I finally found out it was called a paracord bracelet. I told my dad about it and we looked on YouTube, and my dad and I figured it out ourselves!

Interviewer: What do you think is the best part about paracord crafting?
Victoria: I think the best part about crafting is that little kids usually buy my bracelets so it's cool to see how happy they get from them! It's also nice to hear how people have used the bracelets and how I could have saved their life!

Interviewer: What is the most challenging part about paracord crafting?
Victoria: The most challenging part about crafting is when you are looking for something new and you want to find something that won't be too hard but also something that's not too easy.

Interviewer: What advice would you give to any other kids that are looking to start crafting with paracord?
Victoria: The advice I would give to anyone would be that it might seem hard but keep trying. I would buy a lot of paracord to start with and it will be better in the long run. You might get frustrated from staying up and looking for a new weave but just take a breath and it will be fine. If you don't seem too good at first, don't get mad, keep trying. For me, paracord started out as a hobby. When I got better I had a lot of bracelets and my parents starting putting me in craft fairs! I'm happy with doing them because it's so fun to do!! So whatever you do, take a deep breath and keep on doing it! It's not going to be easy but you will make it! Who knows you could be big one day from paracord!

Wise words from a talented crafter. If you are a kid that is beginning to craft with paracord, visit our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, or Instagram for inspiration! Not only will we post tutorials, guidance, and other fun pieces, but we will also have contests in which you can win FREE paracord. And what’s better than free paracord?

Written by: Jackson Yakowicz
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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Best Ways to Discretely Carry Paracord on You

Best Ways to Discretely Carry Paracord on You

5 projects that conceal your versatile cordage until you need it

My first time camping didn’t come until I was 18 years old. Growing up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, there weren’t too many camp sites within close proximity to my parents’ house, and vacations usually meant staying in a hotel rather than pitching a tent. Naturally, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when my buddies and I left town for the weekend. I packed everything I needed (or rather, thought I needed) into one duffle bag: some hoodies, food, and a cellphone charger—Like I said, it was my first time camping. Although I’ve learned to be more practical about my packing for camping, hiking, and other outdoor trips, I still value the benefits of packing lightly. When bringing paracord on your adventure, the value of packing lightly is only heightened. Chances are you don’t carry around a backpack filled with spools of paracord. Not only is it impractical to do so, but it also eliminates the functionality that paracord’s success is grounded upon. This blog is dedicated to the five best projects for helping you conceal your paracord. Because packing paracord lightly also has value…

Project #1: Paracord Shoelaces

Paracord Shoelaces are a great way to conceal paracord on your person when you are on your adventure. Simply replace your shoelaces with paracord laces that can unravel and be used as needed. To learn how to make your own, visit here.

Project # 2: Paracord Wallet

The Paracord Wallet, though a little bit more complicated to make, is awesome. Bringing this wallet with you on a camping or hiking trip is a great idea as it provides you with about 30 feet of survival cordage in the event that something goes awry. To learn how to make your own, visit here.

Project #3: Paracord Watch

Alright, so some of you may wonder why I included this in the list, and didn't include a regular paracord bracelet. Well, the Paracord Watch is essentially the same as a paracord bracelet in that it is weaved and includes a good amount of survival cord, however this watchband has even greater functionality as it also helps you keep track of time! This is great for any survival or outdoor situation. To learn how to make your own, visit here.

Project #4: Paracord Belt

The Paracord Belt allows you to have about 100 ft. of paracord (give or take a few feet, depending on your waist size) on your person at all times. Not only is it fashionable, but it also can unravel and unleash a massive amount of capabilities for you during your trip. To learn how to make your own, visit here.

Project #5: Paracord Zipper Pulls

Paracord Zipper Pulls won't provide you with much paracord, but it is probably the most subtle way to carry some cord on your trip. If you need just a few feet of paracord for survival purposes (perhaps even tinder cord for starting a campfire at night), this project is right up your alley. Oh, plus it's extremely easy. To learn how to make your own, visit here.

If you have any other ideas for easy carry projects, we'd love to hear them! Talk to us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, or Instagram and let us know.

Written By: Jackson Yakowicz
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