Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Ultimate Paracord DIY

The Ultimate Paracord DIY
How to make your own fids, jigs, and spools

Paracording can be an expensive habit. Aside from the cost of paracord itself, there are additional expenses for fids, jigs, spools, books, and even more accessories that will elevate your crafting to the next level. When I first started crafting with paracord, I didn’t think I needed any additional accessories; only paracord and buckles. Once I started working with more complex designs, I realized how wrong I was! Jigs, Fids, and more soon became less of a benefit and more of a necessity. Although we offer all of these paracord tools for sale on our website, I also wanted to make you aware of some DIY projects for making your own paracord tools. For the big do-it-yourselfers, these projects will help save a few pennies, and will prove to be fun projects for you to undertake. Check them out:

Do-It-Yourself Paracord Fid

Fids are an essential paracord crafting tool as they allow you to navigate your cord through tight loops, and also help you when you go to tie off your ends at the end of your weave. Most recently, I have found fids to be an asset when it comes to getting paracord through the small hole in a 3/8" buckle. Ultimately, the fid is an asset when it comes to expanding your craft. To see how to make your own DIY Fid, click here.

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Do-it-Yourself Paracord Jig

If you've been eye-balling your paracord projects for sizes: the jig is up. (Sorry, I had to). The Paracord Jig comes in handy when it comes to sizing and weaving your projects (especially bracelets, belts, and collars). Whether you need a jig that is longer than the standard one sold in stores, or you just want to save a few bucks, you'll love this project. To see how to make your own DIY Jig, click here

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Do-it-Yourself Paracord Spool

Now, the easy project. Although a spool might seem unnecessary at first, once you start collecting your paracord in bulk quantities, you'll be begging for one. The paracord spool not only helps you keep track of your cord in all of its untangled glory, but it also makes for an easy way for you to dispense the amounts of cord that you need for a given project. To see how to make your own DIY Spool, click here.

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