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You Ain't Messing With My Click: The 5 Coolest Paracord Buckles

You Ain't Messing With My Click
The 5 Coolest Paracord Buckles

Nobody has respect for a cashier. Stick with me; I have a point to make. I spent three years working as a cashier at my hometown Target store. My days were replete with half-hearted conversations, redundant coupon scanning, and the occasional “hey, that’s not that price!!” I was rarely thanked, and seldom bestowed sympathy for my mundane job. However, without me, a transaction could not be completed, a customer could not exit our store, and our company would receive no profit. Likewise, a paracord bracelet is incomplete without a buckle (OK, there’s a few exceptions, but let me make my point). We often overlook the importance of the buckle that will ultimately complete our project. I mean, we don’t call it a “paracord BUCKLE bracelet.” This post is dedicated to the underappreciated paracord hardware out there. The five buckle options discussed below not only clinch and clasp our paracord jewelry, but also illustrate the covert coolness that can be the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary bracelet.

#5: The Aluminum Buckle

I admit to some nepotism, here, as my paracord bracelet—which was finished with an aluminum buckle—is my baby. The aluminum buckle has two main attributes that give it a leg up on its plastic predecessor: first, it’s flashy. The shiny metal exterior helps add a more aesthetically pleasing look to one’s bracelet, and contrasts perfectly with the cordage weaved around it. Second, the aluminum buckle is heavy duty. The durability of your buckle should not be understated. It’s important to have a buckle that can withstand the natural wear-and-tear that will occur during its tenure around your wrist. An aluminum buckle is able to offer longevity. Paracord Planet’s aluminum buckles can be purchased here

#4: The Whistle Buckle

Since this blog post has already discussed my troubled past with jobs, it’s time for me to bring up another stint from my past; I used to referee in-house basketball games. Having a hard time retaining my attention during those games, I was often yelled at by parents and coaches. Get your head in the game, Ref!! Blow your whistle. I now hate whistles. However, I will swallow my pride and admit to the benefits of a whistle buckle. While you are out in nature with your paracord bracelet, having a whistle can be a great asset. The whistle buckle can both curb the chances that you or that someone in your group will get lost during a hike through the woods. Paracord Planet’s whistle buckles can be purchased here.

#3: The Reflective Dog Collar Buckle

Do-it-yourselfers have found a real niche in the market for paracord puppy accessories. Harnesses, leashes, and toys are amongst the numerous items that are weaved with paracord. No item is more popular, however, than the paracord dog collar. For those of you who create these awesome collars, I would highly suggest the use of a reflective buckle to conclude your collar crafting. Using this reflective buckle is a precautionary initiative more than anything else, protecting your dog by making him/her more visible on a late-night walk. Make cars aware of your pup’s presence when crossing the street by equipping the doggy collar with this awesome buckle. Paracord Planet’s reflective buckles can be purchased here

#2: The Fire-Starter Buckle

When my co-worker first told me that his buckle could start a fire, I thought he was joking. Sure man, I thought, and my buckle can predict the weather. After trying out the flint-rod buckle for myself, I’m a believer. The applications of this flint-rod buckle are infinite! Whether you’re trapped in the middle of the wilderness, or aiming to impress a crush at a summer bonfire, let your buckle help you out. The seven interior strands inside paracord’s outer shell can seamlessly transform into kindling, and your buckle can be used to set that kindling aflame. Before you know it, you will have erected a fire from near nothing, and be able to stay warm in a testing climate. Watch this video to see how it works, and check out Paracord Planet’s flint rod, fire-starter buckles here.

#1: The Secret Handcuff Key Buckle

There’s nothing scarier than a prankster friend who owns a pair of handcuffs. We’ve all had that friend who takes a neighborhood game of “Cops and Robbers” a little bit too far, right? I wish I had a secret handcuff key buckle back then. Whether you’re in a bind like I was, illegally detained, or simply wishing to have a back-up key in the event that your original one goes missing, I would highly suggest purchasing this buckle. The Secret Handcuff Key Buckle takes the cake when it comes to cool paracord bracelet buckles. Watch this video to see how it works, and check out Paracord Planet’s secret handcuff key buckle here

Special shoutout to Joe Medina for the photography and editing.

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Written by: Jackson Yakowicz, P2 Intern

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