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5 Paracord Projects for the Couch Potato

5 Paracord Projects for the Couch Potato

Consolidating your electronic addiction & paracord passion

My reliance on my iPhone is almost embarrassing. This past winter, my mom treated our family to a vacation to the Riviera Maya in Mexico. Most people would have been satisfied with the tranquility provided by the beach waves, but the entire week we were down there I was like an addict experiencing withdrawals. No wi-fi?! No 4G connection?! What was I to do with myself?! Like I said, it’s embarrassing. However, I am not alone in my addiction to technology. The rapidity of life in the technological era leaves us feeling excluded if we can’t see the most recent Facebook posts, or receive texts from friends and family. Here at Paracord Planet, however, we have a company-wide devotion to the great outdoors. Our products are ready to be utilized in an assortment of outdoor adventure and survival situations. To instill in our readers a love for paracord, however, we realize that we have to also succumb to the fact that we’re competing with technology. So, why not consolidate technology and survival gear by introducing you to a few ways you can improve your technological devices with paracord?! Listed below are five great paracord projects for the couch potato to undertake that involve enhancing and protecting their electronics.

#1: Phone Charger Protection Wrap

Image from Life Hacker

“Stay, stay, please, stay,” Jack whispers to his phone. He watches as the lightning-shaped icon blinks on and off. The end of his charger is so badly frayed that it’s a guessing game every morning as to whether or not he will wake up with any battery remaining. We’ve all been there, right?! Nothing is more agitating than an inoperable phone charger, and a $30-$40 replacement fee leaves us feeling hopelessly defeated. Lucky for you, there’s a more cost-efficient route to pursue. Wrapping the end of your phone charger with protective paracord is a surefire way to alleviate any emotional irritation caused by a faulty or frayed charger. Here’s a tutorial on how to create your own phone charger protection wrap

#2: Paracord Headphone Sleeves

Image from Instructables

Music brings me sanity. I always have my headphones on me—when I’m at work, when I’m at the gym, and even when I’m trying to fall asleep. The upsetting reality behind this headphone dependency is that I can spend upwards of fifteen minutes in every day untangling the cords I balled up in my pocket. Whether you’re an avid music listener, or occasional earphone wearer, the overwhelming disdain for tangled cords is universal. By encasing your headphones in a paracord sleeve, your day has one less hassle to deal with. Here’s a tutorial on how to create your own paracord headphone sleeves.

#3: Paracord Flash Drives

Image from Load Out

Paracord puts the “flash” in flash drive. Sorry, that was a corny introduction. It’s true, though! Paracord, as bracelet and necklace wearers everywhere have learned, is the recent buzz in do-it-yourself fashion. Why not add some paracord to the outside of your flash drive?! Covering your flash drive in a paracord weave is sure to make your USB harder to misplace, as it adds a more visible shell as well as a nifty hook that can attach to a keychain or lanyard. With just a few feet of spare-a-cord, you can weave your own flash drive wrap. Here’s a tutorial on how to create your own paracord flash drive.

#4: Paracord Phone Stand

Image from Instructables

Here’s a fun one for the smart phone crowd. With the aid of some metal wire (found in a coat hanger, for example), the outside casing of your paracord can be used to make an ever functional phone stand. The paracord shell around the metal wire helps keep this stand phone-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. Keeping your phone in a stand is a great idea for you to consider at the office, as calls can be seen and responded to with greater ease, and spills and messes are diverted from the direction of your device. Here’s a tutorial on how to create your own paracord phone stand.

#5: Paracord Extension Cord Lock

Image from Instructables

We all remember different things about the day we moved into our college dorm room. Most people remember the long goodbye with their parents, while others remember the battle over who gets bottom bunk. I, however, remember thinking 'shoot, there’s only 2 plug-ins in this entire room.' Extension cords became a necessity for me, which created a set of subsequent issues as these cords would frequently fall out of the plug. I wish I had known then what I know now. Paracord can solve your extension cord headache by acting as a makeshift cord lock. Here’s a tutorial on how to create your own paracord extension cord lock.

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Written by: Jackson Yakowicz, P2 Intern

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