Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bracelets for Men

Bracelets for Men
Four paracord bracelets designed for guys

I’ll always remember the time I was emasculated by a 4-year-old. I’m entrusting you readers with a hallmark moment in terms of my awkwardness, so feel honored. It was last summer, and I had just finished playing some beach volleyball at the local lake. On my drive home, I became flooded with an overwhelming urge for ice cream (these things happen, just go with it). I swerved into a Cub Foods parking lot, quickly found the freezer aisle in the store, and grabbed a carton of Haagen-Dasz. It was late in the afternoon, and naturally the lines for the cash registers were jam-packed. Behind me in line were a young mother and her son (my future nemesis). The boy piped up “Hey mom, why is that guy wearing a bracelet?! Is he a girl?!” I blushed, looked down at my yellow Livestrong bracelet, and nervously shuffled my way into a different checkout lane. Bill Cosby wasn’t lying; kids do say the darndest things.  I realized however that this little boy’s opinion reflected a greater societal belief. The rigidity of gender roles in modern society limits jewelry to the confines of a female-only accessory. I’m here to change that. Listed below are some of the roughest and toughest paracord bracelets that will change the preconceived notion that bracelets are for girls only.

#1: The Fire-Starter Bracelet

Man’s obsession with fire is virtually universal. From the early days of cavemen creating sparks with stone to the more modern applications in campfires and fireworks, I think every male is at least partially pyromaniac. With a flint-rod buckle, your paracord bracelet can be transformed into a fire-starter, too! Using the seven interior strands in your paracord as kindling, you can easily set your kindling aflame with the buckle. This bracelet is applicable in a multitude of survival situations, but also in simpler situations such as creating a smaller bonfire. Check out this video to see how the fire starter paracord bracelet works.

#2: The Fishing Bracelet

Image from Paracordable

My frequent readers are already well aware of my fascination with paracord’s fishing applications, but I can’t help it! A paracord bracelet that can be used to reel in some dinner out on the lake is just incredible to me. By removing the interior strands of your paracord and filling the outer shell with fishing line instead, you are well on your way to a successful pontoon ride. Take the picture above as an example of how you can better use your paracord bracelet as a makeshift tacklebox. Check out this video to see how the fishing paracord bracelet works.

#3: The USB Bracelet

Image from Finders Keepers Creations

Now this one is unique. As an office worker, I’m accustomed to the frustrations of a missing USB flash drive. I’ve seen a lot of ways in which a flash drive can be better accounted for, including attaching it to a keychain or the handle of your watter bottle. However, this is new. A USB that acts as the buckle on your paracord bracelet is as awesome as it is creative. While you’re at the office, you never have to worry about misplacing your flash drive or being unable to access your files. Check out this tutorial to see how you can make your own USB paracord bracelet.

#4: The Monkey Fist Bracelet
Image from Paracord Forum

I’ve always been intrigued by the monkey fist. When I first started working here at Paracord Planet, my desk buddy was playing around with one. I asked him what he was holding, and then he started whipping it around in the air. Accidentally (or so he claims), he lost hold of it and it missed my head by only a matter of inches. I literally dodged a bullet. Whether you are using the monkey fist for self-defense or demolition, it surely does the trick. Attaching a monkey fist to your paracord bracelet makes for a pretty awesome piece of jewelry. Check out this tutorial to see how to create your own monkey fist paracord bracelet.

The next time I’m approached by a 4-year-old sexist in a checkout line, I will proudly boast my paracord bracelet. The paracord bracelet is truly a unisex accessory, and designed for people of any age, as well. The applications of paracord bracelets and capacity for creative crafting are infinite. What ideas do you have to enhance your bracelet? Let me know in the comment section below!

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Written by: Jackson Yakowicz, P2 Intern

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