Thursday, March 13, 2014

Glow in the Dark Paracord

I’m Feeling GIDdy: The Top 5 Uses of Glow In The Dark Paracord
The best Paracord you have never tried

            Most of us fondly recall glow in the dark (GID) from our backs, looking at the many glowing stars and planets stuck to our ceiling. If your childhood bears any commonality with mine it was pure fascination with GID and those seemingly endless stars. Jump ahead a few proms, football practices and finals week all-nighters and my fascination remains, in another form. Glow in the Dark Paracord and Glow in the Dark Tracer Paracord are seen as gimmicks in the Paracord world to a certain extent, I will explain not only why they are awesome (because they are GID) but also how useful they can be to you.

            I would like to pause here to explain the difference between Glow in the Dark Paracord (Glow Cord) and Glow in the Dark Tracer Paracord.  Glow Cord is completely glow in the dark with no other colors in it and has a minimum tensile strength of 350lbs. Glow in the Dark Tracer Paracord is real, 550lb test Paracord that has GID fibers woven into it.
GID Tracer Cord
Glow Cord

So without further adieu, the top 5 uses:
Photo Credit: Stormdrane

5. General Use:
Sorry this one is not that original, but I wanted to get my point across here. Having a supply of Glow Cord/Tracer Paracord on you can be a great idea. As I have written about in previous blogs, there are a number of great ways to store Paracord so it is convenient anytime you might need it. You never know when a little glow might come in handy in the field, whether it is tying up a boat or leaving a few knots to find your way back.

4. TIAT’s Strapped Endless Falls
It goes without saying that you can work Glow Cord or Tracer Paracord into any project you want for a unique and fun twist, but as expected TIAT gives the best example. J.D. is up to his usual tricks with this video showcasing how to make his beautiful design. I believe this design best takes advantage of the color and effects of Glow cord while incorporating them into a beautiful design with other colors.

Image Source: Kids Paracord ID

3. Medical ID Bracelet
Although any Paracord bracelet could be made into a Medical ID bracelet, the inclusion of glow cord appears to be extremely practical. Having a Medical ID bracelet made from Paracord is smart in that in many cases someone with a Medical ID bracelet is more likely to be in an emergency situation where Paracord might benefit them, more than others. Also, the GID aspect makes wearing these bracelets more fun for kids and easier to find for adults.

2. Knife/Flashlight Handle
Image Source: Stormdrane
Anyone who has hunted and brought their knife/flashlight along (which I assume all of you would) knows how frustrating it can be to fish around for your knife/flashlight in the dark. Furthermore, if you hunt in Minnesota like I do, or somewhere similar like the South Pole, you know how cold a flashlight can be to touch after a long hunt in the cold. Wrapping your knife or flashlight in Glow Cord kills the proverbial two birds with one stone (or in this case one hank). This is in addition to the fact that it just plain looks awesome, there are many ways to wrap a knife or flashlight, but this is an excellent video, again by TIAT.

1. Lanyard/Key Chain
Image Source: madcov
This comes in at #1 because of how practical it is. You are most likely going to be using a key on a daily basis, either for your home, car or office, why not make it easier to find? By making a lanyard out of Glow Cord or GID Tracer Paracord you are not only making your key much easier to find in any low-light situation, but simultaneously making it much more stylish as well. Not to mention, you will always have a small bit of Paracord with you, just in case you need it (which is almost as reassuring as knowing you can find your key before work).

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