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Paracord: A Dog's Best Friend

Paracord: A Dog's Best Friend
A few ways paracord can please your pup

My mom thinks my Golden Retriever is a human. I’ve caught her on numerous occasions attempting to instigate conversations to no avail; “Riley, are you excited to go to the lake?!” Riley stands, aimlessly wagging his tail in response. For the majority of pet-lovers, the term “pet” doesn’t do our dogs justice. A dog is more so an extension to one’s family—a hairy, four-legged extension. Naturally, we wish to provide our dogs with the best equipment possible; that’s where paracord comes in. A handful of creative corders began crafting items such as leashes, collars, harnesses, and toys constructed with powerful paracord to both spoil and protect their pups. Listed below are five items that are guaranteed to put a slobbery smile on the face of your beloved dog:

1. Paracord Dog Leash

Take a walk on the not-so-wild side! Paracord Planet’s impeccable cord can withstand as much as 750 lbs. of pull with each single rope. That means that the next time your pooch attempts to run after the mailman, you don’t have to worry about a leash fraying, ripping, or slipping from your hands. A paracord dog leash will allow you to contain your dog’s energy and keep you, the walker, in control. To learn how to make your own paracord dog leash, click here.

Image from Paraco Shop

2. Paracord Dog Collar

Who says a dog can’t have fashion sense?! Equipping your pup with a stylish, handcrafted paracord collar is a surefire way to get all the other dogs on the block barking in sheer jealousy. Outside of the stylistic benefit, placing a paracord collar around your dog’s neck is a great way to make sure that you have easy access to even more survival cordage. The strength and durability of paracord is just an augmented benefit when it comes to these collars. You can almost guarantee that one hand-crafted collar will be enough to last your dog’s entire lifetime. To learn how to make your own paracord dog collar, click here.

Image from Survival Straps

3. Paracord Dog Harness

The same benefits that apply to a paracord collar can be reiterated in this section. Strength, durability, style, and further survival capabilities all combine to make constructing your harness with paracord a very sensible option. Let’s be honest, paracord has the innate power to make anything look better. For the aesthetically-concerned, a cord harness breeds a plethora of benefits. To learn how to make your own paracord dog harness, click here.

Image from Boxer Forums

4. Paracord Dog Toy

Up to this point, an indestructible dog toy seemed unfathomable. What kind of material could match the strength and relentlessness of a canine’s clutch? Paracord, of course. A paracord dog toy will be the ultimate test for your dog, entertaining it as it tries for hours on end to chew through the resistant cordage. Finally, you’ll have a toy that can withstand more than a few weeks of torment. These toys are often simple to make, and allow room for creativity as well. To learn how to make your own paracord dog toy, click here.

Image from Etsy

5. Paracord Dog

If nothing else, Paracord can simply become a friend for your dog. Look at this adorable paracord pooch!! To learn how to make your own paracord dog, click here.

Image from Instructables

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Written by: Jackson Yakowicz, Paracord Planet Intern
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