Monday, March 2, 2015

Paracord Zoo

Paracord Zoo
The 5 Greatest Paracord Animal Tutorials

As a child, some of my fondest memories came from my trips to the zoo. The Minnesota Zoo was only about five miles south of my childhood home, resulting in me spending countless summer afternoons whistling to canaries and strolling past monkey cages. I also recall the sheer excitement I felt when a mountain lion had escaped from the zoo and was reportedly on the loose. I had imagined that the escaped feline and I would become best buds. You see, as a kid you never fully grasp the fact that these animals can swallow you whole. The innate fascination with animals thrives in the minds of many children, and that love for other species is only expanded by paracord crafters. Some of the greatest knotters have blessed us with numerous tutorials for crafting paracord animals. Below are the 5 best paracord animals that can make up your very own "paracord zoo!"

1. The Paracord Sea Turtle (via TyingItAllTogether)

2. The Paracord Elephant (via Everaert Kris)

3. The Paracord Rabbit (via Everaert Kris)

4. The Paracord Frog (via Everaert Kris)

5. The Paracord Dragonfly (via TyingItAllTogether)

Which of these designs are your favorites? Do you have any other suggestions for our “Paracord Zoo” ?! Please feel free to share any of your ideas with us on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, or Instagram accounts. We love interacting with our fans, and providing content to further the knowledge and skills of the paracord community. We hope you enjoyed this post!

Written by: Jackson Yakowicz

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