Monday, March 30, 2015

Paracord Planet's Weekly Episode

Paracord Planet’s Weekly Episode

Why we decided to enter the world of YouTube tutorials

If you’re like me, an avid paracord crafter who is constantly looking for more inspiration, the search for innovative tutorials never ends. My search for paracord inspirations has introduced me to a handful of wonderful YouTube channels, including TyingItAllTogether and The Weavers of Eternity, as well as some great pictorials from the likes of Dman McQ and Paracord Guild. Our desire to provide you all with easy access to creative designs has formulated in our launching of a weekly episode in which we will be teaching you new weaves every Friday. The Paracord Planet YouTube channel is officially back up-and-running after a few years of inconsistent posting. These weekly episodes will feature some of our employees crafting their favorite paracord designs, as well as how-to steps to help you follow along.

Although pictorials are helpful for some, our research suggested that the video route is the best way for most new crafters to learn designs. Since teleportation hasn't yet been figured out (c’mon physicists), we can’t be in your living rooms with you teaching you new designs. The video route allows you access to all of our creations, and is the most conducive to learning. We are three weeks in to our weekly episode, and you can see our first three creations below:

Creation #1: The Extreme Weave (a.k.a. The Trilobite or The Ladder Rack)

Creation #2: The Sawtooth (a.k.a. The Shark Jawbone)

Creation #3: The Dragon's Tongue

We will be releasing a brand new tutorial this Friday, and each Friday after that until we run out (but as you all know, you can never really run out of paracord projects). If you have any suggestions for improvements, or any suggestions for weaves that you want to see done, please leave us a comment on the bottom of this post. Also, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and check out our Instagram for more ideas and inspirations. Happy Cording, everyone!

Written by: Jackson Yakowicz
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