Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Fond Farewell

A Fond Farewell
After four months it is time to say goodbye

Sam                        Jack
            As an intern, it has been my sincere pleasure and honor to be able to blog for Paracord Planet for the last four months. This opportunity has taught me an incredible amount about Paracord, Paracord products and the passion all you Paracorders have. I have been able to interact with fans in a way I never imagined and have had the opportunity to interview the biggest name in Paracord. I always knew my time here was limited, but I never knew I would learn so much. Trying to avoid sounding too dramatic, it has been an amazing experience and I hope I was able to offer some small amount knowledge, entertainment or fun to you the readers on par with what you have given me.

            With all that being said, I am happy to welcome a new intern to the blog who will be taking the reins from this point forward, Jack Yakowicz. Jack is an extremely talented writer with a budding love for Paracord who will bring you creative content on a regular basis. I just wanted to take this blog to thank all of you who take the time to read this, I hope you continue to engage and interact with Paracord Planet through our website, social media and of course this blog; stay tuned for Jack’s debut blog.

Sam Lastovich

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Paracord Hose Weave

Paracord Hose Weave
The latest innovation for your Paracord

            When I sit down to blog every week I try to either think of an innovative or unknown product; or I try to find some idea or concept that is relevant to your life that might just benefit you in some small way (the secret is out…). After scouring the internet for new ideas this week, I believe I have found one that will help you out. The idea is simple and not one bit revolutionary, but it might just save you a few bucks over the years: wrap your garden/outdoor hoses with Paracord. This is a great idea to keep in mind as many of us are dusting off our hoses for the first time this spring.

Image Source: dan_w84
            The knot itself is quite simple and can be accomplished through a multitude of different ties including the Cobra Weave (I have included a link below to the instructables page where user dan_w84 has wrapped a drink bladder tube), but the concept is a solid one and holds various implications. First, it is a good way to protect your hoses which are frequently dragged across rocks, bricks, tar, etc. Hoses are vulnerable to being punctured and torn, particularly the thinner, more flexible garden hoses. Second, it is an easy way to color-code your hoses so you always know what is running to where. Lastly, (this may seem like a cop-out) but depending on the hose and where you are using it you will have a small length of Paracord on you, and that is always a good thing!

Image source: dan_w84
Short and sweet as they say, I hope this blog gives you a little something to do this weekend that might actually make a difference for you in the long run!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Paracord Colors

Spring Colors
Cleaning is not the only thing spring brings!

            And, despite what it looks like, rhyming is not the other thing…The main focus of this blog is on spring colors. If you are like me, you may not pay attention to new color additions or to what colors might be popular given what time of the year it is. Camouflage and blaze orange colors are obvious choices for the fall, red and green for the winter holiday season, but what about other times of the year? For guys (I only say this out of experience), it can be easy to forget to try new colors or colors that might be appropriate for the theme during a specific time of the year. Trust me when I say you can make that black and olive drab ultimate survival bracelet anytime, but now is the perfect time to try a few new colors, perhaps even for mother’s day? I am here to provide you with an easy guide to make all your Paracord projects more festive and unique this spring.

Pink Lemonade
            The key is to decide which direction you want to go with the color. There are great options in all our color varieties, particularly with our neon and multi-colored Paracord. Neon might not be the first type of color that comes to mind when you think of spring, but our neon turquoise, as well as the slightly more traditional yellow, blue and green offer a great way to make a bracelet standout. Our multi-colored Paracord offers a departure from traditional spring colors in favor of creative color combinations you might not have considered before. Colors such as ‘Pink Lemonade,’ ‘Confetti,’ ‘Fairy Tale,’ and ‘Carolina Beach’ offer great combinations of popular spring time colors that will bring any project to life. Also, for the hunters, check out ‘Pink Sky Camo’ and other great camouflage patterns for an awesome twist.
  For the more traditional, our solid colors ‘Lilac,’ ‘Turquoise’ and ‘Light Blue’ offer excellent 550 Paracord without the flash of neon or multi. I also want to take this time to give a shout out to ‘White’ Paracord. Perhaps the most underrated Paracord we carry; ‘White’ is an incredible accent to nearly every Paracord color combination and would be a great spring addition. So whether you are celebrating a holiday or simply happy to finally see something green, give our spring Paracord colors a try!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Paracord Beads, Charms and Accents

Customer Submission
Paracord Beads, Charms and Accents
Be Unique

We frequently receive emails asking how to make Paracord bracelets more unique. Obviously, there are a plethora of different weaves (although not always easy), hundreds of colors (400 and counting) and hardware (buckles, compasses, etc) available to customize your bracelet with. But many of our customers struggle with how to really make their bracelets unique or give more meaning to them. While there is no universal solution to this ‘identity crisis’ we have found that many of our customers are completely unaware of the beads, charms and accents we offer. Thus, I write this blog today to inform you guys of a ‘hidden gem’ of ours: beads, charms and accents.

Customer Submission
I begin with beads because I know that many of you will immediately dismiss the notion of putting beads on a Paracord project as childish. Well, if you choose to use beads you could make a project for a child with beads on it and I am sure he or she would love it. But, you could also take your Paracord, choose from our beads ranging from skull beads to roses and make yourself or a loved one, one heck of a Paracord bracelet, necklace or lanyard. Beads are a great way to try something new and give your Paracord a completely different look.

Customer Submission
If I thought you guys were scoffing at the suggestion of beads, I know you will be raucously laughing at the idea of charms. Hey, charms are not for everyone. But, for the individual looking to customize a bracelet for a special youngster in their life or for someone who just wants to express a passion of theirs, charms are perfect. With the ability to choose anything from a dolphin to a Hope Ribbon “Dangle Bead” charm, it is easy to find the right charm for the right passion or cause.

Accents blur the line between charm and bead. They offer a beautiful, non-distracting addition to projects, that can really send a message or make it your own. The Infinity Accent shown here offers a very unique, yet easy to achieve look that goes great with any design. Our 12mm and 25mm Spike Studs are a great way to show a little punk in you or give that dog collar you have been working on a fresh twist. Our accents can appeal to every customer we have and are a great way to truly customize your bracelet.
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Paracord Fid (Needle)

Image Source: Paracord Planet
Paracord Fids (Needles)
Making your next bracelet just got easier

At least once a week, I try to highlight an innovative or exciting product; this week I want to call attention to one that is going to make your Paracord projects significantly easier. I know this will simplify your life, because we receive this question on a regular basis: “What is the point of a fid, or needle or whatever you call it?” This is a good question, because if you work with Paracord on a limited basis you may think there isn’t much to it. But the more work you do, the more you understand how a fid can help you. I will provide you with some background on the fid and explain how it can improve your projects for very little cost.

Image Source: Maine Historical Society
Fids are traditionally made of bone or wood--obviously the most readily available materials to people living in the rural parts of the world. The basic idea behind a fid is similar to that of a needle—to enable the individual to weave something that they are otherwise unable to weave with their hands—but with rope or cord rather than thread. This ability is particularly important when working with Paracord, because of how fine the cord is and how tight the weaves generally are.
Image Source: Paracord Planet

So why use a fid? Plain and simple, it will enable you to make Paracord projects you currently cannot and it will make your current Paracord projects easier. Everyday examples of this include finishing your bracelets. Yes, it is a small thing, but tucking the ends of your Paracord back into the bracelet to achieve a clean, professional finish can be frustrating; by utilizing a Paracord fid in your work, this becomes a breeze. Another very real way a fid can help you includes when you want to work that beautiful breast-cancer awareness ribbon into your Paracord bracelet while maintaining the tightness and integrity of the Paracord weave. The fid is great for getting in between the Paracord without disrupting your bracelet. A fid can also be quite beneficial for certain weaves such as the Turk’s Head and other tricky ties. A small tool that can make a big difference.

My hope is that this blog answered any questions you may have had about what a fid is or how to use it; you can find all your fids at Paracord Planet. Feel free to comment any questions you may have or tell us what project you are going to use your fid on! Like our Facebook page for great deals and enjoy your new tool!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Paracord and Personality

Paracord and Personality
Which Paracord are you?

For the past few months I have been bringing you as many great Paracord ideas and Paracord products as I can find, but today we take a step back. We offer a huge variety of Paracord here at Paracord Planet ranging from 750 to Nano cord and everything in between and receive plenty of amazing feedback from you guys every day. But have you ever stopped to think why you buy the particular Paracord that you buy? Sure you say: “Because I want to make one awesome bracelet,” which is definitely true. But have you ever wondered what your Paracord selection said about you, or better yet, what Paracord you are?

This might be a long shot, but I believe your Paracord says a lot about who you are as a person, essentially, certain Paracord reflects a certain personality. Much in the same way you can take a quiz to find out “What Game of Thrones character are you?” you should be able to discover what Paracord type you are, based on how you respond to a few behavioral based quiz questions. If only a quiz of this magnitude existed…

Introducing our first-ever Paracord personality quiz “Which Paracord are you?” This will reveal your Paracord Personality analog. As a result, you might discover a new Paracord you have never tried before and in the process find out something totally new about yourself! Are you reliable Mil-Spec or flashy Glow-In-The-Dark? Take the quiz to find out and feel free to leave a comment below to let us know if you think it was right. Also, stop by our Facebook page and ‘Like’ it to get all the latest and greatest deals!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Reflective Paracord

Spring is Reflective Paracord Season
Spring is finally here, enjoy it with Paracord

            For most of the country, this past winter was one of the roughest in recent history with record lows or unseasonably long stretches of cold being felt from coast to coast. Fargo, ND (our headquarters) was no exception; we endured weeks where the futile barometer never rose above 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, it is with a happy (and warm!) heart that I write this blog to usher in Spring 2014. Many of you in warmer climes may argue that it has been spring for several weeks, that I should have written this sooner and so on; I will counter by saying it is currently 35 degrees here, close to the warmest temperature this spring. Spring in Fargo is something akin to a garage sale: all the things that have been stuck inside all winter are finally put out for all to see (and it’s not always pretty). We take to the streets and sidewalks en masse to walk, run or just feel natural light.

            Thus, the motivation behind my blog this week lies in my concern over the safety and enjoyment of this collective spring of ours. It is obvious that Paracord makes everything better, but you may be wondering how it can really make your spring that much better (especially because if you live north of Nebraska you are already dancing in the streets). The answer: Reflective Paracord. This little gem of a Paracord is the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe! Not only does it come in a great selection of colors to enable you to coordinate it with any outfit or other Paracord project, but it is still 550 lb test so it is as reliable as ever.

            What really makes Reflective Paracord the perfect cord for spring is safety. Adding a small amount of Reflective Paracord to your Paracord projects obviously adds style, but as you head out the door this spring, be safe with Reflective Paracord. Reflective Paracord is the perfect cord to put into your shoelaces, make a headband with or create a dog collar. It can also be used to tie a water bottle, braid a dog leash or create a traditional bracelet; the idea is to make sure your traditional spring equipment is as reflective as possible. That way, when you venture out into the early morning darkness or are outside enjoying the evening into the night, you will be as safe as possible.

Do not be afraid to try our Reflective Micro Cord as well!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Survival Kit

Survival Kits
They are not just for Preppers anymore

            ‘Preppers’ are one of the hottest topics in the news lately. Some like to make them out to be radicals, others herald them as visionaries. Whatever your stance is on Preppers, one thing can be agreed upon: they are prepared. It might sound ridiculous, but even if you are not stacking boxes of instant oatmeal and toilet paper in your basement to wait out a 30-year nuclear winter, it never hurts to be “Always Prepared” as the Boy Scouts advise us. So what does it mean to be prepared? Being prepared takes on a different definition for everyone, but most can agree on a few essentials stored in a bag to enable you to ‘grab and go’ in a moment’s notice; we will cover those here. *Note this is not a comprehensive list, rather the basics.

Duck Tape®
Perhaps the most obvious of essential supplies, Duck Tape® posses the extreme versatility that makes it a cornerstone of survival supplies. Duck Tape® is fantastic because it is strong, light and waterproof while coming in a wide variety of colors and even sizes. Considered to be the ‘redneck toolkit,’ it is a must of any survival kit and can be conveniently purchased in a wide variety of colors at Paracord Planet.

It is hard to do much in a survival situation without a sharp knife. The applications are nearly endless from cutting various items to self-defense; knives are a crucial part of the basic survival kit. They can be found at Outdoor Bunker for a very reasonable price.

Flash Light
Flashlights are a survival item that are nice to have, but can be a bit of a luxury. They are not essential, but can really come in handy in a multitude of different situations. The downfall is the batteries; it is a good idea to keep a good supply of these in a waterproof bag, also in the survival kit. It also a good idea to provide a waterproof zip-lock type bag if the flashlight is not waterproof; however this flashlight is, so you need not worry.

survival blanket takes many shapes and forms, but it is best if it light and reflects as much body heat as possible. It seems like a small thing, but having something simple that works in the rain, with or without fuel, to keep you warm can be the difference between life and death. Grab something simple like this to be well-protected.

Water Bottle Filter/Purifying Water Drops
An often forgot portion of a survival kit, a water filter and/or water drops are extremely necessary. No one wants to catch a nasty case of beaver fever and lose what little food they had. Filters and purifiers go a long way towards preventing this and are extremely easy to use. They are even easier to find at Paracord Planet.

First Aid Kit
Another must for a survival bag; a first aid kit such as this provides all the essentials ranging from Gauze to Aspirin. Do not underestimate the importance of bandages and pain relief in a survival situation. They also conveniently come in bags to keep everything together and are available at Outdoor Bunker.

This category could also be labeled ‘Food’ as it is obviously essential to keep food in your grab and go bag. However, MREs are particularly handy in terms of their convenience, shelf life and variety. They may not be a five star dinner, but they will do just fine in a pinch. Check them out here.

Paracord/ Spool Tool
You all knew it was coming, so I saved the best for last. Paracord is an absolute survival essential, with a list of uses longer than Rip Van Winkle’s beard it is a must have for any kit. Whether you need to fashion a lean-to, tie up a bag or cut down a tree, Paracord can help you. It also comes in a multitude of different varieties from Paracord Planet to best meet all of your needs whether you are looking for true Mil-Spec or Glow-In-The-Dark. It is obviously important to keep several hanks in your survival kit, but do not underestimate the power of a survival bracelet outfitted with a compass, or storage, or a whistle or a light, or all four!
The Spool Tool is another great survival tool that provides an excellent way to store your Paracord while conveniently keeping a blade, and lighter (sold separately) together in your bag. I would recommend it as an essential part of your grab and go bag.

There are many other great additions to a survival kit that I could not fit on this list so here are the honorable mentions:
Sewing needle and thread, Pepto Bismal, Alcohol/disinfectant wipes, a map and bug spray. For a more 
complete list click here.

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